April 15, 2020

Wrap-up Next YD-2 850 bearing adapters

Coming from Wrap-up Next is a bearing adapter set for the Yokomo YD-2 drift car. The adapters allow to use 850 bearings instead of the standard 1050 ball races which can make for lighter rolling front tyres and thus improved car balance during cornering. The set includes four adapters, enough to outfit both steering knuckles.

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April 9, 2020

Wrap-Up Next Nervis-R drift car chassis – Coming soon

Wrap-Up Next from Japan have released first renderings of their forthcoming new Nervis-R RWD drift car kit. It utilises a high centre of gravity inline rear motor setup, an upside down high centre of gravity servo mount as well as a highly adjustable battery positioning. Full details will become available in time of the release.

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July 5, 2018

Wrap-Up Next drift car carbon fibre brake disc set

Japanese company Wrap-Up Next has introduced a set of mock-up carbon fibre brake discs for 1/10th scale drift cars. The set includes two vented-design 34mm carbon fibre brake discs, adapters, spacers and mounting material. Using the set will make for a more realistic appearance and all items are also available separately for spares or repair.

Source: Wrap-Up Next [wrapup-next.jp]

December 7, 2017

Wrap Up Next Carbon Frame Real Concept drift car

Asian company Wrap Up Next have released first teaser images of their forthcoming Carbon Frame Real Concept drift car. Most likely based off of the FR-D kit, the car will offer full-size vehicle weight distribution with a front motor and rear wheel drive, and a customisable inner carbon fibre frame allows to adapt the chassis kit to a wide range of drift car body shells. We bring you more information on the car as they become available.

View a rendering of the carbon frame chassis here