November 27, 2020

Ryan Lutz confirms switch to WRC

Ryan Lutz has confirmed his move from long time chassis sponsor Agama to new chassis sponsor WRC. Not just taking up the role of driver, Ryan is the person tasked with growing the Italian brand, more known in onroad, in the Americas and in a lengthy blog post linked below he explained his new position as:

As for my role, if you can name it, i’ll probably have my hand in it in one way or another. I have been assigned the role of making this brand what it will be in the America’s. Starting out that means everything from Racing, testing, and promoting on the track to the behind the scenes of working with distributors and shops to help them get set up. I will be creating educational videos to learn and showcase the platforms. I also will be the team manager for the offroad side of things as they currently offer 1/8th Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy with their SBX and SBXE.

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October 8, 2020

WRC SBXE.1 1/8th offroad EP buggy

After thorough testing WRC have introduced the all-new SBXE.1 1/8th electric off-road buggy. Based on SBX.1, the buggy is built on a 7075-T6 aluminium chassis that is designed to adapt the vehicle to a wide range of track conditions. The drivetrain is equipped with CVD driveshafts throughout and is provided with three differentials with hardened lightweight outdrives. WRC adopted a new pivot ball front steering knuckle setup that allows for a wide range of adjustments including caster, camber, upper roll centre, bump steering as well as track width. Front and rear arms are side to side interchangeable, and it is possible to choose three different hardness material for each. The rear hubs are designed to allow a variety of upper camber link positions and allow the adjustment of the upper and lower roll centre, camber gain and more. Other features include the front and rear aluminium 7075-T6 shock towers and the shock absorbers are big bore type.

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September 24, 2020

WRC Racing rubber shock cell membranes

WRC Racing have introduced these new rubber shock cell membranes for their SBX.1 buggy. Compatible with many other offroad cars as well, they come in 3 different variations, yellow (soft), blue (medium) and orange (hard) and are a simple way to increase or decrease shock rebound.

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August 21, 2020

MiBorg ST2.1 RCV front driveshafts

Coming from MiBorg and made for the WRC Racing ST2.1 FWD are the new RCV driveshafts. Utilising the design of full-scale cars the driveshafts use steel balls instead of cross pins to drive the wheel axle, which results in less vibration even at high steering angles. This leads to a more predictable handling, higher corner speeds and less tyre wear. In addition the wheel axles allow the use of standard thickness bearings while lighter, pin-less wheel hex adapters reduce overall weight.

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August 4, 2020

WRC Racing ST2.1 1/10th FWD touring car

WRC Racing have introduced their all-new ST2.1 1/10th scale front-wheel drive electric touring car kit. The car is based on the successful STX.7 platform and features the now-popular mid-front motor position for optimised traction and stability while sharing most spare and optional parts with its 4WD sibling. The car uses a carbon fibre double deck chassis construction, a fluid-filled gear differential as well as easy to adjust body mounts for quick adaption to different lids. The steering utilises WRC’s proven curved rail design and a low centre of gravity servo mount. An off-road-inspired battery mount uses rubber O-rings to secure the battery pack, doing away with the common use of reinforced battery tape or battery taps. Other features include ultra low-profile shock towers and shock absorbers while new low-friction driveshaft blades ensure an efficient drivetrain. The kit is already available.

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July 16, 2020

WRC Racing aluminium front wing support

Coming from WRC Racing is their aluminium front wing support that allows to convert most 1/10th formula chassis into a LMP car. CNC-machined from aluminium and coming black anodised the support attaches to the front wing mounting holes of the chassis and allows to utilise the front bumper of the LM16 pan cars in order to run LMP-style body shells. The support brace is black anodised for wear and it sports a white, laser-engraved logo.

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July 14, 2020

WRC Racing on-road body height adjusters

WRC Racing have announced the release of new body height adjusters for their 1/10th touring, formula and pan cars. Moulded from high-quality composite Tecnopolymer material the platforms allow for 0mm to 1.5mm height adjustments by simply lifting and rotating the platform clockwise or counter clockwise, ensuring precise control over the body height and rake which is essential for overall aerodynamic performance. The heigh adjusters come in sets of four.

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July 10, 2020

WRC STX.7 reinforced aluminium servo support

WRC Racing have introduced a reinforced aluminium servo support for the STX.7 touring car. The part is machined of high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and it will increase the stiffness of the servo mount assembly, resulting in a more accurate steering action. The L-shaped brace comes gun metal anodised for looks and surface protection.

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