December 2, 2022

Xray reveals 2023 1:10 Offroad line-up

Known for their highly detailed and very professional presentations of their newest kits, Xray has just released the latest details for their entire 2023 offerings of 1:10 Offroad chassis.  A range that consists of 5 different chassis, you can check out the latest kit spec and details through the individual presentations for the XB2 1:10 buggy, the XB4 1:10 Buggy, the SCX Short Course Truck and the XT2 and XT4 Stadium trucks.

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December 2, 2022

Xray X4 CFF Carbon Fibre Fusion Upper Arms – Soft

Xray has introduced a ‘soft’ version of their CFF Carbon Fibre Fusion Upper Arms for the X4 touring car.  Machined and molded from thinner premium-grade graphite and softer composite materials. The arms are super lightweight and very compact. Soft arms generate more mechanical grip on the car and improve side traction. Recommended for very low & low traction asphalt and carpet tracks. The softer arms are slightly more fragile. The unique CFF suspension soft arms are an elegant engineering achievement that look great and perform even better on the track. Using XRAY’s own developed manufacturing process, a carbon fiber arm and composite arm are molded together using a fusion process to produce a single CFF suspension arm.

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November 30, 2022

Xray RX8 Composite Rear Upright for Aero Disc

Xray has added this optional graphite Rear Upright for Aero Disc use for their RX8 1:8 Onroad kit.  The rear uprights are molded from the graphite composite mixture to maintain proper suspension geometry and to provide more stability.  The durable part fits both the nitro and electric variants of the kit.

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November 29, 2022

Xray GTX8/E GT Horizontal Body Backstop Set

Xray has released this new GT Horizontal Body Backstop Set for their GTX8 and GTXE 1:8 GT chassis.  Providing reinforcement for the body, it helps prevents the rear of the body from getting tucked after a crash.  Made from carbon fibre it mounts directly to car’s rear body holder.

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November 26, 2022

Hebert claims TQ at U.S. Indoor Champs

Keven Hebert is the Mod Touring Car Top Qualifier at the U.S. Indoor Champs in Cleveland, Ohio.  The 42nd running of this legendary indoor race, which has attracted over 350 entries, the Xray driver laid down the fastest time of the rocket round qualifying format in the third of the four rounds of qualifying.  The Top 3 times would in fact all come from Q3, with Awesomatix’s Sam Isaacs securing second on the grid with a time 6/10th off that of the Canadian.  Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski was a further 1/10th of a second off locking the European visitor into 3rd on the grid.  With 47 races making up a packed schedule each round, Kemp Anderson would top the final qualifier with his fastest run but he stays P4 on the grid ahead of the Xray of Alexander Hagberg with Chase Lemeiux completing the Top 6.  In Mod 1:12, it was Isaacs who took the TQ with the fastest time in Q4 ahead of Anderson.  Hagberg will start third followed by Ollie Payne, Donny Lia and Orlowski.

Image: Keven Hebert [Facebook]

October 21, 2022

Xray X4 ’23 Touring Car

Xray have today finally unveiled the 2023 edition of their 1:10 touring car platform, the World Championship winning X4 ’23.  Key features of the new car include all-new XLP shocks that are 9mm shorter for improved cornering speed, steering response, and stability makes the car easier to drive in all surface conditions. The shocks are 2.6g lighter removing 10.4g from the front and rear of the chassis to improve weight placement while retaining the same internal oil volume compared to ULP shocks for consistent dampening. New pistons for improved travel from the more compact shock design ad new springs are 3mm shorter to match the new shocks. Front shock towers matched to short shocks are 8mm lower to improve CG with two optimised shock mounting positions. The Rear shock tower is also updated to work with the short shocks. Redesigned with additional material to improve durability in severe crashes and 8mm lower with 2 shock mounting positions to improve CG and optimise handling. The car features a number of heavy duty parts including lower bulkheads for improved durability while maintaining ultra-low weight with heavy duty upper clamps improving durability in hard crashes.

View the X4 ’23 presentation here for complete details

September 23, 2022

Xray X12 ‘23

Xray have today unveiled the 2023 edition of their 1:12 platform, the X12. The All-new chassis features extra forward position for centre pivot for improved cornering speed and steering response. It also features extra mounting position for the side braces between the front and centre position for extra fine tuning of the car flex which improves steering response and cornering speed. The ’23 chassis is shortened by 3.5mm in front with extra chamfer, which eliminates chassis dragging and improves cornering speed. It now has 4 positions for the front battery backstop in 2mm steps instead of the groove to prevent the battery stop from moving in hard crashes. The rear POD plate features redesigned area of the alu POD plate pivot holder for improved durability of the POD plate. It features 2 centring holes instead of 1 to eliminate tweak issues in crashes. The bulkheads has been completely redesigned to achieve maximum low CG and weight to improve stability and eliminate tweaking issues in serious crashes and are 5mm lower and 4g lighter compared to the previous version.  In total the car features 24 new improvements.

View the X12 ’23 presentation here for complete details

August 26, 2022

Xray all new NT1‘23

Xray have today unveiled the 2023 edition of their 1:10 nitro touring car chassis the NT1. A big year for the nitro touring car class with the World Championship coming up in November in Thailand, the car features an all-new chassis with narrowed front suspension pivots to increase stability & traction. Hard composite suspension arms combined with the improved central chassis flex keeps the suspension geometry stable while the flex is transferred through chassis and radio plate to maintain traction. Lower down-stop mounting holders without the eccentric geometry make the car easier to set suspension down-stops. All-new front aluminium bulkheads accommodate new upper arm holder with adjustable flex. The redesigned front upper arm holder features new roll centre positions in all 9 positions. An ultra-compact and super lightweight receiver box moves the weight lower and closer to the centre of the chassis. The radio plate has new servo holders that move the throttle servo more rearwards, the steering servo more frontwards and receiver box to a more central location. A simplified aluminium 2-speed shaft holders eliminate unnecessary braces to make the chassis more flexible, while the wider positioning provide improved support for the 2 speed shaft. New rear aluminium bulkheads have a 2mm front/rear wheelbase adjustment for easy traction tuning depending on the track conditions, front position more traction, rear position more stability. Longer rear suspension pins allow a wide range of wheelbase adjustment.

View the NT1’23 presentation here for complete details