February 21, 2019

Zero Tribe working on T4 mid motor conversion

Japanese brand Zero Tribe, known for their popular Xray T4 FWD conversion, have released first renderings of a mid motor conversion for Xray’s T4 electric touring car. The design is inspired by Tamiya’s TA05 car and Awesomatix’s A800 MMCX mid motor conversion, with the equal length front and rear belts making for quicker and more even throttle response while the placement of the somewhat heavy motor creates an optimised overall balance. The kit will allow the use of shorty-type LiPo batteries as it is a developing trend when running indoors. We bring you more information on the kit as they surface.

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February 14, 2019

Zero Tribe BD9 stock conversion kit

Zero Tribe have introduced a stock conversion kit for the Yokomo BD9 that was developed to reduce natural drivetrain drag. Based on the experience gained with the T4 stock conversion kit, the BD9-aimed variant features a larger 22T centre pulley design for less belt pinching and thus a more efficient drivetrain. Included in the kit are also the necessary, longer front and rear belts as well as a redesigned narrow design 2.0mm carbon fibre top deck that will improve overall grip and traction in lower grip track conditions or when running hard compound handout or spec tyres. The upper deck is also available separately for the standard BD9.

View the narrow top deck here

January 2, 2019

Zero Tribe T4’19 & ’18 flex type shock stays

Zero Tribe from Japan have introduced new flex type shock stays for the Xray T4 2019 and 2018 cars. They are machined from Japanese high-quality carbon fibre and their updated shape provides increased grip and stability when running in high-grip track conditions. The shock stays utilise the standard kit geometry and they are available separately for the front and rear.

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November 27, 2018

Zero Tribe BD9 carbon fibre option parts

Zero Tribe from Japan are currently developing new carbon fibre option parts for the all-new Yokomo BD9 touring car. First up are updated front and rear shock towers whose design allows to use the shock absorbers with increased overall length, making it easier to use aftermarket shock springs and achieve proper ride height settings with these. Also under development is a narrow design top deck that carries over Zero Tribe’s T4 design for optimised chassis flex characteristics.

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August 2, 2018

Zero Tribe BD8-2018 ultra low shock towers

Zero Tribe have introduced new ultra low shock towers for the Yokomo DB8-2018 touring car that allow to run Xray’s ULP or Axon’s High Big Bore shock absorbers. The shock stays are cut from high-quality carbon fibre and using them in combination with the ultra short shock absorbers will lower the car’s overall centre of gravity for improved handling especially on high to very high bite surfaces.

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August 1, 2018

Zero Tribe T4’18/17 stock conversion & chassis parts

Zero Tribe from Japan have introduced their new Stock conversion kit as well as a hard chassis and narrow upper deck for the Xray T4 2018 and 2017 kits. Starting with the Stock racing conversion, the set includes new large diameter middle layshaft pulleys as well as new standard and low-friction belts to ensure full compatibility with the standard spool and diff gears. Also part of the package is a 2.0mm carbon fibre upper deck. Using the conversion will make for reduced drivetrain drag thanks to the larger centre pulleys which can lead to 0.1s lower lap times, better rolling feeling in corners and also improved drivetrain efficiency.

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May 23, 2018

Zero Tribe introduce new T4’18 & ’17 optionals

Japanese brand Zero Tribe have announced the soon release of new aluminium and carbon fibre option parts for the Xray T4 2018 and 2017 kits. First up is an upper aluminium floating servo mount plate that was designed to replace the standard carbon fibre item. Available in orange or black anodising the plate offers greater stiffness compared to the standard item for improved initial steering response and it is usable on both the current 2018 and older 2017 specification kit.

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April 28, 2018

Zero Tribe T4 FWD conversion kit – Coming soon

Back in February Japanese brand Zero Tribe released a first rendering of their FWD conversion kit for the Xray T4 4WD touring car and now the project seems to materialise. Designed for 2016 and 2017 spec T4 kits, the conversion will allow to build a competition spec front wheel drive car utilising 4WD donor parts such as A-arms, steering components, bulkhead and drivetrain parts from existing T4 kits while the conversion kit will include items such as a purpose-designed carbon fibre main chassis plate, a new motor mount, new front upper bulkhead caps as well as new carbon fibre shock towers, an updated bumper and some drivetrain components. The kit is close to being production ready as are option parts such as as different carbon fibre upper deck, aluminium front anti-roll bar mounts, 15g and 30g balance weights, carbon steel rear axle shafts and a carbon fibre battery mount set.

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