July 11, 2022

Team Associated 7″ pre-cut wing

Team Associated have introduced a new 7″ pre-cut wing for 1:10 scale off-road buggies. The new, higher downforce 7″ wing adds additional high-speed stability over the currently available 6.5″ wing for when track layouts and conditions call for it. In general, more downforce will be desired on tracks that have high grip or a lot of high-speed and sweeping corners. Sold as one clear, pre-cut wing per package. Wing mount dimples are not drilled.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]

July 6, 2022

T-Works wing washer screws

T-Works have produced this line of wing washer screws for use with 1/10th onroad body shells. Super lightweight due to their design and the choice of aluminium, they come in 5 different colours, orange, black, red, blue and green. Different from your standard wing washer, these versions have the screw integrated for a simpler assembly. Sold in pairs, they come supplied with the lock nut.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

May 6, 2022

Xtreme Aerodynamics 1/8th onroad rear wing

Following a few iterations on simulation environments and track days for further assessment the new Xtreme Aerodynamics rear wing for 1/8th scale onroad will be soon available on the market. The new wing sees an improved frontal section to provide more downforce with less height, improving driveability and efficiency. Also the edge design has been slightly changed to improve flow on the outside section. Furthermore, different material tests have been carried out to find the best compromise of thickness/stiffness. The new wing can easily replace previous versions as the mounting holes have the same distance apart.

Source: Xtreme Aerodynamics [xtremeaerodynamics.it]

March 15, 2022

Penguin Royal 1/10th offroad wing

From Penguin Custom Bodyshells is the ‘Royal’ wing for 1/10th offroad. The Royal is designed around the standard LD2 and L1 EVO wing with the middle section narrowed to suit the newer narrow wing mount design. It looks awesome and has made the car more stable. It has 5 different gurney cut lines for fine tuning and is supplied clear in 1mm lexan.

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

March 14, 2022

Exotek F1 front & rear lightweight wings

Exotek Racing have produced these extra light front and rear wings for 1/10 F1 cars such as the Exotek F1 Ultra, X1 and F104 etc. The front wing is moulded nylon with a higher mounting base reducing the chance of dragging on the track and unsettling the car. At 18grams, lighter weight helps with that as well as reducing weight that overhangs past the wheels that also unsettles the car. The rear wing comes in at 21grams and has extra large wing elements for maximum aero downforce. Molded with a black lower base and white wing element for higher visibility.

View more images of the wings here

February 4, 2022

Mon-tech Racing 2022 Formula wings

Mon-tech Racing have presented their new Formula wings aimed at reproducing the 2022 F1 regulations. After almost a year of work between drawings, prototype printings and track tests, they were finally able to move to a production stage. The front wing has two different types of additional flaps and, as such, it is able to offer three distinct race trim configurations, low, medium and high downforce. The rear wing has been developed to give maximum downforce with the lowest possible drag. The new wings can be installed on any Formula car model currently on the market.

View more images of the wings here

January 6, 2022

SWorkz Pro-Speed 2.0 1/8 rear wing

SWorkz have improved the aerodynamics of their 1/8 rear wing. The Pro-Speed 2.0 is an upgrade to the popular Pro-Speed wing that features a bigger wing surface area, providing more down force. There are 8 aerodynamics holes under the wing gurney and they help reduce the down force of your car during high speeds. There are 2 different gurney flaps included, so you can adjust the wing according to the track conditions and this new wing comes in two colours, black and white.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

December 23, 2021

JConcepts pre trimmed high-clearance wings

Two new High-Clearance wings available pre-trimmed has been developed and manufactured by JConcepts Inc. The 6.5” and 7” wide HCW incorporates a short-chord design for quick rotation and a flat-base which provides more tire clearance. As the carpet, Astroturf, and high-traction dirt conditions become more prevalent, racers have asked for specific 6.5” & 7”rear wings. The durable and pre-trimmed design has chopped rear corners for rigidity plus a traditional lower-level gurney that is achievable for even less drag over large jumps. The side-dams of the wing feature hard radius cut-outs which allow even more tire rear expansion and flex space. JConcepts designers Paul Wynn and Fred Reep added dual stability fangs which also help boost the front to rear structure. The rear of the wing still maintains a high-angle to vertical rear dam to give drivers a straight-forward layout suited to high-speed circuits. The HCW is a direct bolt-on piece for most 1/10th buggies and includes one pre-trimmed wing per package.

View the 7” wide HCW here