May 29, 2022

ProCircuit green tire cleaner

This is the ProCircuit green tire cleaner, a quick and safe method for cleaning tires and wheels before gluing. The specialised formula has been developed by ProCircuit R&D department and contains a mix of different degreasing products that ensures perfect cleaning for a strong and long-lasting bond. Supplied in a handy 100ml spray bottle.

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July 7, 2021

RC Maker Dominate tire cleaner

RC Maker’s new Dominate tire cleaner has been developed by a dedicated local Australian Racer over the past 12+ months. Developed with the aid of several top drivers and certified chemists, they were able to discover an environmentally friendly non-toxic way of softening and conditioning rubber without drying it out, like you’ve never seen before. Opening up the pores of the rubber is crucial to the absorption of the tire additive and thus its effectiveness of creating more traction and reducing “drop off” over a run. Dominate is supplied in a pump spray bottle for easy application on both onroad and offroad rubber tires. Simply spray onto a rag or towel and firmly wipe the tire with the cleaner. Allow to sit for at least 1 minute until sticky, before applying the tire additive. Dominate’s cleaning capability can be even further increased when tires are cleaned at higher RPM on a tire sander. And if you run out, just grab a Dominate Refill pouch, which saves you throwing out the perfectly functioning spray bottle.

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January 4, 2021

T-Works Clean Putty

T-Works have released their Clean Putty, as the name suggests a putty that can help you in keeping your RC and work area clean. The putty can be used to remove dust, dirt and grime from the tightest of areas and is done so by first kneading it so it becomes malleable and then pressing it into the area that requires attention. Available in a 100g and 50g sizes and comes in a handy screw down container.

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October 13, 2020

Pepe P-line Muffler Glove spray

New from the Pepe Group is this P-Line Muffler Glove spray, a special protective grease that is resistant to very high temperatures. Supplied in a 400ml can you apply it by spraying at least one complete layer of the product onto the pipe/manifold. Afterwards all the tire rubber residue that sticks to the pipe can be easily removed with a simple cloth and without any effort. An application lasts for more than 12 hours.

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September 21, 2020

Pro-Line Active backpack & RC Detail + Shine spray

Also included in the huge product drop by Pro-Line last weekend is their Active Backpack. This large, padded backpack can carry a 1:10 buggy, touring car or smaller RC cars but it is also perfect for everyday items like books, laptops, and clothes. It features one large, top-loading compartment and a smaller outer compartment with one internal zippered pocket and another internal elastic pocket. An elastic mesh pocket on each side allows for carrying water bottles and other accessories when needed. The shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort and are made from a mesh material to wick away moisture. Also included from Pro-Line was their new RC Detail + Shine Spray. This large 18 oz. can is ideal for cleaning and restoring your RC car to factory-fresh condition and Pro-Line’s unique formula repels dust and leaves a shiny, clean surface finish without the greasy residue that is often left by other cleaners.

View the RC Detail + Shine Spray here

August 28, 2020

TPro cleaning products by Motorex

TPro, together with their partner Motorex, have released their first line-up of cleaning products especially made for RC car racing. RC Power Clean easily removes stubborn dirt while also acting as a degreaser, and is also dielectric. Filled in 200ml cans it comes with 2 different spray heads. Next up is RC Car Clean, the perfect cleaner to thoroughly remove all dirt from your dirty RC Car. Simply spray the entire vehicle and clean it with compressed air. Finally there is Car Protect created for preserving every RC Car in the best possible way. The handy 200ml can be carried in hand luggage and again 2 different spray heads are included.

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February 3, 2020

RSRC Treatme traction compound

Coming from Renaud Savoya’s RSRC brand is the are Treatme off-road tyre traction compound. Developed to improve overall grip and traction in low-bite conditions, as they can occur in wet weather, cold temperatures or on an oiled track, the tyre sauce comes in handy on tracks such as the ones in Padova, Reims or Montpellier. The chemical easily penetrated the tyre rubber and lasts for several runs, doing away with the need to soak the tyre before each run. It comes in a handy 150ml spray-on bottle and it is of a low-odour formula.

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October 18, 2019

Muchmore Mega tire traction compound

Muchmore have introduced their new Mega traction compound for rubber and foam tyres. Coming in a 40ml additive applicator pen bottle, the tyre sauce will improve traction especially when running in low to medium bite conditions with the odourless formula ensuring the additive can be used indoors. Despite extracting a lot of grip from the tyres, the Mega traction compound will not increase tyre wear.

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