August 4, 2022

New Picco Oval venturi

Italian engine manufacturer Picco have released a new oval shaped venturi for use with .21 sized engines.  First seen as part of their recent P3TT Limited edition buggy engine release, the venturi is now available for use in all engines.  The ‘Oval’ venturi offers a progressive opening: the surface of a horizontal ellipse evolving more gently than the round opening of a regular restrictor. The result is that on a low traction track the engine has smoother acceleration for improved drivability and fuel consumption.

Source: MW RC Cars []

July 18, 2022

Nova Engines glow plugs

Following the recent announcement of the establishment of Nova Engines, the Italian brand have released the complete info on their first product, glow plugs. Available for both the onroad and offroad categories they come in 5 or 6 for offroad and 6 or 7 for onroad. Nova plugs have a guaranteed airtight seal, are made from controlled expansion materials and feature a new filament resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Automated assemblies allow for greater precision and all plugs are tested for functionality. All these details have allowed Nova Engines to optimise their glow plug for different uses, ensuring greater performance and longevity to safeguard engine reliability and durability. Sold in a handy package that contains 2 plugs in order to allow you to always have a spare on hand.

View a close up of the plugs here

June 9, 2022

iRacing O.S. rear engine cover

iRacing have introduced this new rear engine cover, with mixture recovery system for OS .21 engines. Thanks to the 2 holes on the upper side of the cover, which go under the piston and the central hole to which they are connected, it is able to improve the internal fluid dynamics, improving performance and consumption. Suitable for iRacing and O.S. .21 engines.

View the other side of the rear cover here

June 9, 2022

RC-Project revised clutch shoes & springs

RC-Project have released their completely revised clutch shoe, ensuring longer life, less maintenance and greater reliability. The new shoes have 35% more contact surface area, which ensures longer life and less bell wear while the pin hole has been reamed to centesimal tolerance and all edges have been CNC chamfered and not tumbled like the previous version. The shoes was produced from a different material and then hard anodised and branded. The 0.5mm washer was eliminated and integrated into the shoes for greater reliability and to reduce friction between flywheel and shoes. The new spring design allows for quick and easy assembly and have been manufactured from a different material that is very heat resistant to prevent possible breakage or load changes during use. The shoes and springs will fit flywheels from Mugen, Sworkz, HB, Xray, Alpha, Agama, Carrara Z9 and Mayako and will work on all bells with diameters Ø26, Ø26.3, Ø26.4 and Ø26.5.

View the new springs here

May 26, 2022

One lightweight .21 O.S. carburettor

One have introduced their new carburettor for O.S. based 1/8th circuit or GT engines. Designed to increase torque as well as improving stability from the engine it has a new lightweight design, comes with 7mm and 8.5mm Venturi and all needle screw adjustments are done using a 2.5mm Allen key. The carburettor is a very vital component to an engine and while the current carburettor is doing a good job, One have not stopped with development and have come up with a new improved version.

View more images of the carburettor here

April 14, 2022

T-Works carburettor venturi inserts

For O.S. and Novarossi engines, T-Works have released these optional carburettor venturi inserts. Made from anodised aluminium, there is two versions, 5.8mm and 5.3mm, to allow you to fine tune your motor for power or fuel economy.

Source: T-Works []