November 16, 2021

SMART engine lapping system

SMART Workshop have released the latest product, the SMART engine lapping system in both a basic and premium version. This system offers a switchable module between the oil bath break-in method and running oil break-in method, you can select a specific module for your preference. The system is integrated with a touch panel for an easier and user-friendly operating experience. All of the parameters can be adjusted with the touch panel flawlessly and saved for your next break-in. It is not only customisable for a personal break in preference, but it also includes the parameter safety warning to ensure your parameter setting is in a ‘safe range’. For the hardware, the system had built-in sensors to detect the system is working in good conditions as always and it will be warning the user once the system detected any unusual issues.

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August 11, 2021

Smart Engine Break In Box

New from Smart Workshop, the Smart Engine Break In Box is the first propeller break-in system with all the necessary break in tools built into a compact system. A compact and professional break in tool for your engine, it includes a built-in starter, built-in display, RPM sensor, temperature controller, heater, accurate adjustable throttle linkage, built-in fuel pump, large fuel tank (500cc) and it is all operated by DC 12-14.8V.

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August 23, 2018

MiniPro 2WD chassis dyno

Coming from MiniPro is a 2WD chassis version of their chassis dynamometer system. The device allows to measures the RPM, kV, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of vehicles up to 370mm wheelbase and 370mm width. This dyno is ideal for motor analysis, ESC and boost adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, tire selections, and much more. It is coupled with to a knurled roller via a pulley and belt to accelerate the inertial flywheel. The electronic board takes the flywheel’s inertia, measures the rate it takes to accelerate and calculates the output power and torque of the vehicle. The dyno repeatedly measures and calculates power in small increments to produce an accurate graph on a PC of the engine’s power characteristics. The vehicle is stopped onto the dyno with adjustable belt stripes, allowing to use a multitude of different chassis such as 1/10th formula, 1/10th and 1/12th pan cars. The dyno is available including or without flywheel unit and it us usable with MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC systems.

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May 25, 2015

Ninja JX21-B03 nitro off-road engine

Ninja JX21-B03 nitro off-road engine

Coming soon from Mugen is a new line of Ninja JX nitro engines. First up is the JX21-B03 for 1/8th nitro buggies, truggies and the up and coming nitro GT on-road class. Offering a good amount of usable power and a high fuel economy the engine features a square bore and stroke configuration, DLC-coated and balanced tuned crankshaft, a ceramic rear ball bearing for increased throttle response and a higher top speed, a light weight low-profile cooling head with laser-etched Ninja graphics, and an easy-to-tune three needle carburettor with aluminium 6.5mm venturi. The engine will become available around June or July.

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March 27, 2011

Laurus EC1 Colibri bench test unit


New from Italian company Laurus is the EC1 Colibri, a unit for bench testing engines. Suitable for a wide range of engine size past 3.5cc, it puts the engine under load during running to simulate on track usage and even sports a built in brake. Featuring a built in starter that gets the engine powered through a built in lever, the throttle of the engine is controlled by a LAN powered device for safe operation. For cooling, once started the motor is encased in a fan cooled casing for a controlled testing environment. Connected to a computer by USB, the software that comes with the device allows you to measure a wide range of parameters from the engine including rpm, acceleration, running and peak temperatures and it allows you to compare the results with other engines. Not a device for everyone, but if you are serious about tuning engines, this is worth looking at.

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