June 10, 2022

Maxima RC Racing fuel line-up

Maxima RC Racing fuel is now being manufactured in Europe by one of the leading manufacturer that ensures high racing performance and specifically formulated for longer engine life with Maxima’s lubrication technology. The line-up of fuels includes three different mixtures for different applications. Maxima Plasma is specifically designed for the Ultimate On-Road application, Tempo is particularly designed for Touring application such as 1:8th GT and 1:10th touring car, while Pandora is for offroad applications.

Source: Maxima [maxima-europe.com]

October 18, 2021

T-Works pressure line & fuel line filters

T-Works have released these new pressure line and fuel line filters specifically for 1/8th offroad. Machined from aluminium and black anodised, they both come supplied with a mounting bracket and both sport internal gauze filter for catching larger particles. Both sport a similar design however the pressure line filter is longer.

View the fuel line filter here

November 20, 2020

Scorpion Champions Fuel add two new blends

Gruber Racing, brand of former European Champion Toni Gruber, have expanded their Scorpion fuel range to include a new 16% blend and a 25% blend specifically for offroad, joining their previously released 16%+ green line. The 16% Boost is part of their new red line and offers a very consistent performance for setting the engine as well as generating more overall power. The 25% offroad fuel is part of the green line and is specially developed for offroad engines. Mixed to be safe for your engine and extend its life, it too is very consistent and provides excellent overall engine performance.

Source: Gruber Racing [gruber-racing.de]

August 11, 2020

VP-Pro quick fuel stick

VP-Pro have announced the release of their new ergonomically-shaped fuel stick for the use with 1/8th and 1/10th scale nitro vehicles. The fuel gun features an extended nozzle to easily clear touring and GT body shells, it features six diffusor holes for quick venting and refilling and the non-slip surface ensures fast and accurate handling.

Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]

May 28, 2020

Byron Originals discontinues Byron Fuels brand

Iowa-based manufacturer Byron Originals, Inc. has announced that the company will be ending production and discontinuing their Byron Fuels brand after 32 years of operation in the RC fuels industry. Over the last decade, demand for RC nitro fuel has significantly declined due to industry and consumer-related factors. Production will officially end in late May, and the brand will be retired when the remaining product inventory is sold.

Read the statement in full here

March 4, 2020

TopRC Grand Prix 16 on-road fuel

TopRC have announced the release of their new Grand Prix 16 nitro on-road fuel. Made in Italy and developed with the help of multiple national and former European champion, Jernej Vuga the blend uses a completely new formula for extreme performance which is made possible thanks to a new generation oils. The fuel also ensures more stabile engine operation over a longer time while lowering engine temperatures thanks to less friction on moving parts. The fuel comes in 2 litre cans and it is usable for 1/8th and 1/10th scale competition racing alike.

Source: TopRC [toprc.eu]

February 6, 2020

Racing Experience 25% Hot Road GT fuel

Racing Experience from France have introduced their new Hot Road GT fuel especially developed for 1/8th GT racing. A new blend allows to extract maximum performance from the highly stressed GT engines that have to work under closed body work and thus under high ambient temperatures. The 25 percent nitro fuel also excels in nitro off-road racing, allowing to reach a higher performance for longer.

Source: Racing Experience [racing-experience.fr]

November 19, 2019

Alpha Fire Power Pro Blend nitro fuels

Coming from X-Factory UK is their new Alpha Fire Power Pro Blend nitro fuel. Made exclusively in the UK in conjunction with Alpha Plus, the Pro Blend fuel line was developed with the demanding competition racer in mind. Featuring a specially formulated synthetic/castor oil blend, this racing fuel is formulated for maximum acceleration, huge power, cooler running, extended run-time and easier tuning. Experienced racers and newcomers alike will find the Alpha Fire Power fuel to be extremely efficient with up to ten to 15 percent extra run time, giving drivers the ultimate edge and advantage for those longer gaps between pit stops. The fuel is available in 16 percent and 25 percent nitro blends and in one litre, 2.27 litre and 4.55 litre cans. Rounding out the range is the Alpha Protektor after-run oil. The lubrication should be put into the engine after each race or practice day of use to give additional corrosion protection. Ten to 15 drops should be put down the glow plug opening and the same down the air filter opening in the carburettor for maximum protection. The product also makes a superb general purpose lubricating oil and is supplied in a spouted container.

Source: X-Factory UK [xfactoryrc.co.uk]