August 4, 2022

Hudy Onroad Starter Box Hard Case

Hudy have released this full colour HUDY graphics hard case for its popular onroad starter box. Made from high quality materials and to a high level of workmanship, the case’s durability with ensure a long life of travelling to races and providing protection for your starter box. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper.

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October 29, 2020

Stradale Universal pit guy

Korean brand Stradale have released their universal pit guy for 1/8th and 1/10th nitro racing. Made from aluminium plates and foam, it allows the user to conveniently carry a car on starter box together with all the relevant tools needed in the pit lane such as fuel bottle, fuel gun, glow igniter etc. The tool section is made of a special high density foam to securely hold your equipment, while not absorbing any of the fuel that will inevitably be spilled, especially in the fuel gun hole which is open on the bottom. The starter box can be securely held in place while the entire unit has two straps for carrying.

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June 22, 2020

T-Works starter box carry sling

T-Works have introduced their new carry sling that can be attached to basically every nitro engine starter box. The accessory is made of tough, black fabric and its design allows to fix it using the included hook and loop straps, ensuring quick removal when using the starter box while attaching the carry sling for transportation purposes is a matter of seconds. Using the strap allows drivers and mechanics to carry any starter box conveniently over the shoulder, which ensures they have both hands free for items such as the car, pit bag, fuel and more.

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March 10, 2020

Ruddog 1/8th scale nitro offroad starter box

Ruddog have introduced their new 1/8th nitro off-road starter box that is of a universal design to cover all 1/8th off-road needs. Housed in a sturdy, black-coated aluminium case the heavy-duty starter box is powered by two 775-size motors with the durable belt-driven starter wheel allowing for an easy and convenient start of both run-in and also brand-new nitro engines. The starter box was developed for the use with two 2S LiPo battery packs and it comes pre-wired with T-type connectors. Highly adjustable stopper cones allows to adapt the starter box to pretty much every 1/8 scale off-road chassis. Laser-etched Ruddog logos and a handle with glow igniter holder round out the package.

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December 3, 2019

Project RC Hudy starter box easy start inserts

F.V.S.S. Racing have announced the release of the Project RC easy start platforms for the popular Hudy nitro engine starter box. The inserts are designed to perfectly match with the chassis outlines to make for self-centring ability and thus easier, faster and more convenient engine starting. The platforms are available for the most popular 1/8th and 1/10th on-road kits.

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September 27, 2019

WellRC Racing body cut template & starter box plate

A new brand is coming out of SoCal, WellRC Racing by nitro guru Walter Diaz. The first products are body cut templates and starter box plates. Starting with the WellCut templates, they were designed to take the hassle out of mounting ProtoForm R18, R19 and P909 bodies. They are placed on top of the body and accurately trace the cut lines for engine, air filter, fuel tank, roll bar, top end needle, and rear body post holes. Made from high quality ABS plastic for long life, the templates are available for Mugen, Serpent and Xray cars.

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February 19, 2018

SWorkz BB80 off-road starter box

MW RC Cars from Austria have introduced the new SWorkz BB80 nitro off-road starter box. The device features a patented single-point motor actuating switch, an easily adjustable chassis frame, and its patented design ensures high efficiency and power saving capabilities. The box is powered by a 775-size motor and it us usable with a wide range of NiMH, LiPo or Lead-Acid batteries.

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July 1, 2017

T-Works 1/8th off-road & GT twin motor starter box

T-Works have introduced their new twin motor starter box for 1/8th scale off-road and GT vehicles. Using a laser-engraved black aluminium case with adjustable rubber chassis stops the box makes use of dual 775-class motors that offer a high torque, ensuring easy starting even of factory new engines. A tough drivetrain helps with reliability and the box can be powered by dual NiMH or LiPo packs as well as a 12V lead-acid battery.

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