March 19, 2014

Reds Racing 2014 R5 engine range


Reds Racing have new R5 buggy engines available in the form of the R5T Team Edition and the R5 Racer. The 2014 versions both feature a new front ball bearing with improved sealing and better durability, a redesigned crankcase with wider fins close to the exhaust makes for better cooling and the power plants also come with a new combustion camber insert and cooling head. The R5T Team Edition is hand-tuned by Mario Rossi and comes with a silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft, rear ceramic bearing, RDC hard-coated backplate, 5-port sleeve with exhaust port booster and a long needle carburettor. Before leaving the factory the engine is hand inspected and compression checked for maximized performance.

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February 3, 2010

Speed Passion Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC

Speed Passion Citrix Stock Club Race ESC

New from Speed Passion, the Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC and motor combos finally give stock and spec class racers the fair competition they have asked for and all at an incredibly low price. The new systems are ideal for both big race spec handout systems and small club spec racing where equal performance and low cost are a must to grow new classes and attract new racers. The ESCs feature only brake strength and drag brake force as programmable options. All other performance parameters are fixed and there is no USB altering or updating capability in order to deliver the same consistent power for everyone.

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January 31, 2009

Traxxas Nitro Sport 2wd RTR truck

Traxxas Nitro Sport 2wd RTR truck

From Traxxas, with an aggressive new look, the 2wd Nitro Sport is the easiest & most affordable way to get into nitro power with a full-featured, high-performance RTR model. Factory assembled it includes their EZ-Start push-button electric engine starting system, which gets you running just minutes out of the box. The supplied TRX Pro.15 engine delivers proven power and reliability, and features a precision two-needle carburetor that delivers high output over a wide range of conditions. The wide tuning latitude makes this motor very forgiving so it stays running and idles smoothly as you learn how to perfect the tune and optimize the performance.

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November 25, 2008

Carson 210mm Group C shell

Carson Model sport in Germany have sent us the release for their 210mm wide Group C shell. Designed to fit a number of Tamiya chassis’, including the TA05-IFS, TB03 & F103, as well as all 200mm pan cars it is made from high quality lexan and sold clear.

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September 24, 2008

HPI Brama 10B RTR Buggy

HPI Brama 5B RTR Buggy

Details of the HPI Brama 10B have been floating around for a while, but HPI Europe have only released the official details today. Based on the E10 chassis, the car has full-time 4WD for maximum traction, longer arms and bigger shocks for top handling, plus a racing buggy body shell and massive rear wing for custom looks and race-style handling. With a sealed shaft drive train and pinion/spur combo, you won’t have to deal with rocks or anything else getting stuck and slowing you down, you can keep the hammer down and power out of any trouble you might get yourself into. The spiked tires and coil-over shocks front and rear will just keep going and going, biting and clawing through dirt, grass or mud Completely pre-built and painted, the Brama 10B is already fitted with reliable HPI radio gear, servo, electronic speed control and a powerful motor to get you up to speed in a hurry. Just add your own stick pack battery for the juice, pop some AA’s in the transmitter and you’ll be getting airborne and dirty in no time.

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September 20, 2008

Speed Passion Savage BL Conversion

Speed Passion Savage BL Conversion

Speed Passion have released their new brushless conversion kit for the popular HPI Savage, which includes motor mount, motor plate and battery cases. To power your BL ready Savage you can install one of the new range of Silver Arrow V10 1/8 brushless motors, ranging from 3.5R to 6.5R, the mount also fits Novak motors, together with the new Silver Arrow high performance ESC that can easily handle the dual 7.4 volt LiPo packs.

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September 10, 2008

Fastrax 1/8th scale pre-mounted Tires

Fastrax 1/8th scale pre-mounted Tires

New from Fastrax is this range of 1/8th scale pre-mounted wheels and tires aimed at the cost conscious basher. Factory glued on three different style rims they represent exceptional value for money and are perfect replacements for on all RTR 1/8th scale with 17mm hexes. The wheels also available separately, sold in pairs, as well as 3 different hardness molded foam inserts, for putting together your own tire sets.

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September 3, 2008

JConcepts Illuzion Revo 3.3 Hi-Flow body

JConcepts Illuzion Revo 3.3 Hi-Flow body

For the ultimate in form and function, JConcepts introduces the Hi-Flow body for the Traxxas Revo Platinum and Revo 3.3. The Illuzion ‘Hi-Flow’ styling presents a flowing design while incorporating many radical edge styling details for additional style and performance. Race inspired aggressive styling, Illuzionized cab and cove hood scoop combined with a durable flowing bed design are just some of the features that make the new Illuzion ‘Hi-Flow’ body stand out from the rest.

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