October 19, 2007

Exotek LST Mini conversion

Exotek LST Mini conversion

Exotek Racing were in contact to tell us about their latest conversion set, this time for the Losi MLST. Aimed at replacing those fragile stock servos and the budget steering system, the conversion set features redesigned key components to allow you to go where you were scared to go before with the stock steering system – Off Road.

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September 23, 2007

Atomic Carbon Kevlar chassis

Atomic Carbon Kevlar chassis

The picture above and below is that of a new kevlar / carbon fibre tub chassis for the Atomic Carbon S4 which UK driver Mat Dodd is currently testing. The chassis has a outer layer of kevlar and the normal inner layers of carbon fibre with the purpose of the kevlar to help reduce any wear to a minimum on the chassis. Depending on how testing goes it might be introduced on the company’s S2 and S4.

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April 11, 2007

DIY legal body side stiffeners

DIY legal side body stiffeners

Following the EFRA rule change earlier this year that placed a ban on body side stiffeners that are stuck or mounted to the inside of the body, some enterprising racers like John Ermen (above) have come up with a clever and unique way to overcome this ruling. Also seen on the car of Rob Kuijper at the first round of the Dutch Nationals last week, both drivers have mounted, formed, wire to the central radio plate mount that spreads out to touch the inside of the body shell which ensures that the sides of the bodyshell don’t flap about high speed or get caught up inside the car in the event of a crash. The end of the wire has been finished off with fuel tubing to ensure the vibrations dont put a hole in the side of the body. Clever thinking.

Image: John Ermen [jeracing.eu]

April 10, 2007

Electric powered Serpent 1/8th scale

Brushless Serpent Vector NT

This news piece is just for a bit of fun as i appreciate when people make things like this due to the work, and in this case the craftsmanship, involved in such a project. This particular project is from a guy called Rene (Serum), that judging by the other conversions he has made, knows a thing or two about making a long term project like this. As far as i know the car hasnt been driven yet but what he has done is custom make a new radio plate, motor mount, battery mount and gearbox shaft and single speed assembly and stick in a brushless system. It should be pretty wicked to see when finished.

You can check out more pictures of this project here, or see some of his other amazing pieces of work here.

Source: RC Monster [rc-monster.com]

February 15, 2007

Hirosaka prototype Kyosho Stallion TF-5

Hirosaka prototype Kyosho Stallion TF-5

We’ve written briefly about Masaaki Hirosaka, father of multiple World Champion Masami and top RC mechanic, before and the fact that he makes some pretty cool well thought out products. Well here is his take on the Kyosho Stallion TF-5 which takes a different approach to that used by Josh Cyrul who’s car we saw at the Snowbirds. As you can see from the pictures, the batteries have been set further back than normal and where the top deck connects with the front bulk head is pretty unique too, although i cant tell you exactly why. Also note that the rear body mount is bolted directly to the bulkhead which means the downforce generated by the body shell is pushed straight down onto the chassis, its mounting position also protecting it from crashes.

Masaaki has also created patent pending one touch total length adjustment shock absorbers. I cant tell how they work either but i have included pictures of them below.

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December 29, 2006

Nice Serpent 960 Mods

Serpent 960 Mods

I like when people mod their racing machines especially when they try and tweak an already manufacturer optimised machine so it was great when i was tipped off to this guys Serpent 960 mod. As far as i can work out, this is a weight distribution mod as the creator ‘Got the Grip’ from RC Tech is using a small throttle servo that allows him to move it closer to the tank. He has created a single plate to mount both servos and an AMB personal transponder, although not in the optimal orientation, and has also created a new narrower radio plate too. The only thing that lets it down, besides the photography, is the use of flat head screws, really unforgivable.

Check it out yourself here.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]