May 3, 2021

Dash RC ST702 high voltage V2 servo

New from Dash RC is this ST702 high voltage V2 servo. It is a must for 1/8th offroad and onroad scale cars it features a high quality full aluminium metal case and has masses of torque. The ST702 is also very quick and has excellent resolution for smooth control inputs and is now SSR mode compatible.

View the servo specs here

March 23, 2021

Futaba HPS-CB500 servo

Futaba have released their new HPS-CB500 servo, based on the popular Super Response HPS-CB700. Unlike the CB700, this version utilises plastic in place of an all alloy case, and the torque is lower at 26.9kg/cm at 7.4v but the rest of internals are the same with full metal gears and the company’s HPS motor technology for low power consumption and lower operation temperatures.

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March 12, 2021

Sanwa PGS-CLE Type E servo

From Sanwa, their new PGS-CLE servo is developed for use with low power supply BEC from the ESC. The BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) in some budget class ESC models sometimes cannot supply enough power for the servo. The PGS-CLE can work stably, even if it cannot receive enough power from the ESC. The servo is waterproof, SXR and SSL compatible, has metal gears, sports an aluminium heat sink as utilises a coreless motor.

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February 10, 2021

Hudy hard case for transmitters

This stylish Hudy hard case has been designed specially for the Sanwa MT4, MT44 & M17 transmitters. Made from the highest-quality materials, combined with expert workmanship, ensure the durability and long life of this hard case. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper while outside sports a stylish and cool design with full-colour Hudy graphics. Size 185x220x145mm.

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February 7, 2021

MonacoRC radio carrying bag

The new MonacoRC radio carrying bag has been designed to carry the latest generation radios, in particular M17 and MT44 models. Developed around these two radio sizes in order to reduce any extra space and allow you to place your radio without any dividers, thanks to its small size, this bag can easily find space inside any RC bags. The black exterior is contrasted with the the red zippers and zip puller pendant with the MonacoRC logo. The interior is printed all over with the MonacoRC logo on a red background and on the upper part there is a practical mesh pocket where you can store the wireless charger or any other accessories.

View the bag interior here

February 5, 2021

T-Works adjustable clamping servo horns

T-Works have introduced these adjustable clamping servo horns. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, and black anodised, they are available in both 23T and 25T spline versions and are extra secure thanks to the clamping screw. Supplied with A and B non threaded inserts that offer a range of positions from 17mm to 20mm, there are also two optional sets of inserts. The optional non threaded C, D & E inserts, combined with the standard A & B inserts, offer mounting positions in 0.5mm increments from the pivot point from 16.5mm to 20.5mm while the optional threaded inserts A, B, C, D & E also offer mounting positions in 0.5mm increments from the pivot point from 16.5mm to 20.5mm.

View the optional inserts here

January 18, 2021

Monaco RC MC-482RX Sanwa compatible receiver

Monaco RC have released this new MC-482RX, Sanwa compatible receiver. This 4 channel receiver has a very small footprint (23.6×18.4×28.4mm) and weighs only 7.3grams. Compatible with practically all Sanwa radios including the new M17, thanks to its technical features it is able to communicate with the transmitter in real time to monitor you car’s voltage. It supports 1-2S LiPo power.

View another angle of the RX here

January 11, 2021

JTP/NitroPro CT1 servo

Jared Tebo’s JTP brand has teamed up with NitroPro to bring you the CT1 servo. Best suited for 1/8th buggy and truggy, in both steering and throttle, the outer case has been custom CNC machined from billet aluminium for high strength. Internally it uses a patented stainless gear set, with lifetime replacement warranty, and outputs 5560z torque and .085 speed through its 25 tooth spline.

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