April 4, 2018

RSRC 56 compartment storage box

Coming from Renaud Savoya’s own RSRC brand is a 56 compartment hardware storage box. With outer dimensions of 253x205x50mm the box is pretty compact, however the 56 inner boxes allow to store a wide range of hardware from bolts, nuts and washer up to larger items as the box utilises 36 mini storage boxes of 40x40x15mm, 18 mini boxes of 32x35x15mm and also two larger containers of 65x120x22mm. The semi-transparent box is finished with Renaud’s signature shark design and it is available now. Source: RSRC [rsrc.biz]…

March 2, 2018

Blitz 919 & TSE040E 1/8th on-road body shells

Blitz have introduced two new 1/8th on-road body shells in the form of the 919 for nitro classes and the TSE040E for the growing electric category. Starting with the nitro body, the 919 offers a well balanced steering feeling going in and coming out of corners while retaining great rear end stability. The EFRA-homologated body is available in 0.8mm standard and 0.7mm lightweight variants and including window masks and stiffeners. Designed especially for the 1/8th electric classes is the TSE040E body that offers a centre shark fin for optimised high-speed handling and a cooling opening above the cockpit area for…

January 15, 2018

JConcepts YZ4-SF S1 body shell

…access. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cockpit shark fin for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness. The package includes two S-Type wings pre-marked for the Yokomo YZ2 and YZ4-SF for the easiest application. Also the body has two cut lines to choose from. The most open cut line can change the performance or aide in the cooling inside the body. The more aggressive (larger opening) cut line is preferred on outdoor tracks or where ambient temperatures are really warm. Source: JConcepts…

July 20, 2017

VP-Pro SRX8E body shell

Coming from VP-Pro and made for the Serpent SRX8E is a high-downforce body shell. It features a roof-top shark fin, a medium cab forward design and its rear flaps make for improved aerodynamics especially at higher speeds. The body comes clear, including overspray film and window masks. Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]…

June 24, 2017

VP-Pro SRX8 buggy body shell

VP-Pro have introduced their new body shell for the Serpent SRX8 buggy. The lid offers a high-downforce design with sculptured side pods, a roof top shark fin and increased airflow around the engine head. The body is best suited for small to medium size tracks and it comes made from clear 1mm high-quality polycarbonate and includes window masks. Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]…

January 16, 2017

Schumacher Cougar KC 2WD buggy kit

…required for all the layouts are included as standard in the kit and it incorporates prototype features, used recently by Michal Orlowski to convincingly win the EOS in Poland and the 2017 DHI Cup. The buggy makes use of the same versatile chassis as the KD, it comes with a 3-gear opposite motor rotation transmission, a low rotating mass gear differential, new suspension geometry and a sleek, shark fin bodyshell. The Cougar KC will hit stores in February. Features: – New 4 alternative motor positions for huge versatility on different track types and conditions – New 3-gear transmission for opposite…

November 1, 2016

JConcepts NB48.3 S1 buggy bodyshell

Coming from JConcepts and made for the Tekno RC NB48.3 buggy is the new Silencer S1 bodyshell. Offering a distinctive cab forward design with a medium rake angle for an aggressive driving feel without sacrificing out-right balance the body also sports forward pods that have the necessary height for chassis related items with an added scoop, built for cooling access from a forward position. The rear deck is built up and includes a rear winglet which drops some force on the rear of the vehicle. The mid-length cab incorporates a one-piece side window layout and includes a long shark fin…

September 15, 2016

JConcepts S1 EB48.3 buggy bodyshell

…window layout and includes a long shark fin off the rear of the cab for side-traction and straight-line tracking ability. At the rear of the cab rest several areas which can be trimmed for air-flow and hot air escape. Just behind the motor area, another escape pocket has been added for increased passage for flow while everything exits the rear in the scoop-like fashion. The sides of the body have a unique step treatment which adds some strength and also a fitted change of direction forming around the chassis side-guards. The Silencer is formed in clear polycarbonate material with protective…

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