September 24, 2013

Xray T4, NT1 & XB4 graphite gear differential gears

Xray introduce new graphite gear differential bevel and satellite gears for their 1/10th line of cars and buggies such as the T4, NT1 and XB4. Made from a new composite material the gears are of an extra strong design, make for increased drivetrain efficiency due to their low weight and they offer a long life due to minimal wear. The set is a direct replacement for the parts found in the kits. Source: Xray []…

September 4, 2013

Xray NT1 front and rear bulkheads

Xray have new front and rear bulkheads for the NT1 200mm nitro touring car available. They are made from a new, harder material and ideal when racing in high ambient temperatures or on high-traction surfaces. The front bulkheads were redesigned to accommodate the new front wire anti-roll bar system. The rear upper camber link position on the bulkhead clamp has been provided to increase stability and is recommended for use in very high-traction conditions or when using large-diameter tires in order to help prevent traction rolling. The super-lightweight bulkheads have a very clean and lightweight design and a special composite…

July 20, 2013

Blacktarmac double reverse 1/10th clutch

Blacktarmac introduce their new double reverse clutch for 1/10th scale vehicles with .12 nitro engines. The special design makes use of dual clutch pads for a more powerful clutch engagement. The flywheel and the inner pressure plate are machined from lightweight 7075-T6 aluminium to reduce the rotation mass and to increase durability. The clutch, that won the EFRA Euro B in the hands of Luca Redaelli, comes with all needed parts except pinions and includes a steel and a 7075-T6 aluminium clutch bell. Available for Xray NT1, Capricorn Lab C-02 and Shepherd Velox V10 cars. Source: Blacktarmac []…

May 29, 2013

Xray RX8 3S linear spring sets

Following the new 3S linear shock springs for the NT1 Xray now also introduce RX8 specific sets. The 3S springs are specially designed for the new shorter low profile shock absorbers and are shorter in length with the rear one now sporting the same dimensions as the front spring. The laser-engraved, selected and matched parts make for more corner entry steering and are available as C=3.5 to 5.5 and C=7.0 to 8.0 variants with the lower numbers marking the softer springs. Source: Xray []…

March 22, 2013

Xray NT1 2013 spec

Xray have released complete details on their update NT1, the 2013 spec. With a lot of focus on the shocks, the car features new low profile shock with new internals including Delrin pistons and of course all new shorter springs, the new design helping to lower the car’s centre of gravity. To cater for the new shorter shocks, there is all new shock towers while for the rear upper links there is a new upper bulkhead with new roll centre adjustments. Other new parts include an all-new front wire anti-roll bar for smaller technical tracks, new narrower chassis, new Mutli-Flex…

March 22, 2013

Edu Escandon wins 1/10th 200mm Rd1 in Spain

…Ferrando, Adrian Santeiro and Oscar Romero bumped up into the final. In the main, Edu took an easy win after the 30 minutes, followed by Christian Lopez in 2nd and Carlos Ferrando in 3rd, making it full podium for Xray. Final results: 1. Edu Escandon – Xray NT1 2. Christian Lopez – Xray NT1 3. Carlos Ferrando – Xray NT1 4. Sergi Franch – Xray NT1 5. Adrian Santeiro – Xray NT1 6. Jose Antonio Aldudo – Xray NT1 7. David Campos – Xray NT1 8. Luis Cayetano 9. Oscar Romero – Xray NT1 10. Daniel Catala Source: Xray []…

July 18, 2012

Xray NT1 Pro Limited edition

To celebrate the success of the NT1, Xray have released the limited-edition NT1 Pro, fully loaded with all of the finest & best option parts, all for very special price. Get the NT1 tuned with all the greatest parts as used by the factory team this year, as it goes forward with the mission of capturing the European and World Championship titles. Included option parts: #331180 Brass Chassis Weight Front 25g #331181 Brass Chassis Weight Rear 25g #332441 Anti-Roll Bar Front Female 0.7mm – Hudy Spring Steel #332451 Anti-Roll Bar Front Male 0.7mm – Hudy Spring Steel #333051 Alu Rear…

May 4, 2012

T-Work’s Racing aluminium option parts

T-Work’s Racing have released a number of new parts for a variety of cars. Starting with offroad there is a line of hard coated aluminium A-arm bushings for the Hong Nor & Jammin X3 Sabre buggies as well as hard coated aluminium brake cams for the same cars. For on road there is the a set of hard coated 7075 T6 pivot balls for the Mugen MRX-5 & MTX-5 as well as a set for the Xray RX8 and NT1. Source: T-Work’s []…

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