October 12, 2012

Avid SC10 12mm hex conversion kit

The Avid SC10 12mm hex conversion kit is designed for the Team Associated SC10 FT and RTR in order to use 12mm hex wheels. The set comes preassembled and includes genuine Team Associated steering blocks and front axles, Avid 12mm clamping hex adapters, Revolution bearing and solid axle pins. The conversion kit also includes solid axle pins, 12mm clamping hexes for the rear axles, and it is is capped off with a set of 4 black anodized aluminum wheel nuts.

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June 20, 2012

Avid RC Sabertooth wheels for Ten-SCTE

Avid RC have announced that their 12mm Sabertooth SC wheels for the Losi Ten-SCTE are available in black, yellow and white. The Sabertooth wheel has strength where it counts and because of the hollow 5-spoke design, the SCTE wheels weigh in at 23.2 grams each compared to 29.5 grams each for the kit Losi wheels. That is a 25 g per set weight savings. Available in pairs as well as specially priced bulk amounts.

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

April 13, 2012

Avid 12mm hex Sabertooth SC wheel

Avid is pleased to announce their off-road wheel line. The first release will be the Sabertooth SC wheel for the SC10 family of trucks, followed closely by a version for Losi trucks. The 5-spoke wheel is of a lightweight design, incorporate a +3mm offset to get the truck to the maximum legal width and sport an over-sized glue catch bead. The center-point injected wheels offer maximum trueness and sport a swirl pattern design to mate with serrated wheel locking nuts for added security. Available in black colour and as pack of 1 or group of 6 pairs.

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