March 28, 2012

HPI Blitz battery spacer set

New from HPI, use this convenient battery spacer set in your Blitz short course truck to fit the larger 3S, 11.1 volt battery packs for extra power and maximum top speed. This set includes spacers and extra-long hardware to fit most hard-case 3S LiPo batteries in any HPI Blitz truck.

Source: HPI []

January 31, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 saddle pack inline mount

Exotek have released a saddle pack inline mount for Exotek SC10 4×4 LCG chassis. It uses the pre-drilled holes found on the LCG alloy chassis. The design allows for bolt in mounting of saddle packs and mounts your standard saddle packs ‘inline’ for better balance over the stock SC10 4×4 location. It can be used with the stock plastic chassis if you drill your own holes for 3mm hardware. Includes threaded posts, spacers and hardware.

View the mounted system here