March 20, 2013

Pro-Line pre-painted bodies & pre-mounted tires

Pro-Line introduce two new pre-painted body shells and pre-mounted Trencher X SC tires. Starting with the bodies, available soon are the original Flo-Tek and the Flo-Tek Ford F150 body shell. They are designed to fit most of today’s 2WD and 4WD SC trucks and come handpainted, partially pre-cut and pre-stickered. The bodies are hand-painted and genuine Pro-Line shells separating them from the many screen-printed plastic shells on the market. Also new are pre-mounted M2 medium compound Trencher X SC tires on black Renegade wheels. They will become available for a wide range of trucks such as the Traxxas Slash 2WD and 4×4, the TLR Ten-SCTE, AE SC10 4×4, and HPI Blitz.

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November 2, 2012

JConcepts body mount braces

Short Course trucks are very body sensitive. The proper body style, cut-outs, overall weight and roll characteristics can determine a properly handling vehicle. The TLR 22 SCT has a very flexible front and rear body mounts which provides several durability advantages but when it comes to performance, having a sturdy base to the body is critical. JConcepts body mount braces perform just as the name suggests and supports the body mount in high-force situations. While in the turns, the weight of the body hangs down in the rear and allows the body to flex toward the tires which causes unwanted handling and aero changes which may contribute to an ill handling vehicle. Simply install the brace as instructed and the body will now remain in a more standardized position on high-bite conditions and during hard corning.

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October 29, 2012

Speed Passion SC body shells

Speed Passion introduce two new body shells for shourt course trucks. The Ananta named body is available in two variants as 50 percent pre-decorated and also as clear variant. Both are made from high-quality polycarbonate and include side number plates, side damps and a rear wing for both a realistic look and enhanced performance.

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October 23, 2012

JConcepts Champion winglets for Hi-Flow SCT body

A very popular replacement item or upgrade to any SCT vehicle is the name and number plates winglets. During the 2012 ROAR Nationals, Ryan Maifield utilized a prototype name plate on the already championship winning Hi-Flow body to improve performance. The extended rear name plate offers increased stability during cornering and also improves the straight-line tracking ability. Included in each package is a complete championship name and number plate winglet set, Hi-Flow decal sheet and mounting hardware.

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August 30, 2012

FTW Diamondback SC body shell

FTW introduce the Diamondback short course body shell for most of today’s 1/10th 2WD and 4WD SC trucks. Innovation in design creates the illusion of a lean, chopped cab profile and a high-rise cowl induction hood was integrated with a provision for a huge cut-out to shed under hood air. The raked wind shield flows into a lowered center section of the roof, terminating in a gaping cutout provision strategically recessed into the back of the cab to further mitigate the parachute effect. Additional cut-out provisions in the bed area are surrounded by a roll cage. The body comes unpainted and includes two decal sheets and window masks.

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August 26, 2012

Team C short course body

Team C Racing introduce a new short course body shell for the use with their TS2 and TS4 line of trucks. Sporting a different design than the stock shells the TS404 comes clear, with side number plates and side dams and is useable on other 1/10th SC trucks also.

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May 19, 2012

PL Slayer Flo-Tek, Square Fuzzies & 1:5 Blockades

Pro-Line have released the Flo-Tek designed specifically for your Traxxas Slayer Pro. The Flo-Tek was the first SC body specifically designed to minimize the short-course body parachute effect. Featuring futuristic styling coupled with large vent holes that allow air to flow through eliminating aerodynamic drag. The locations and size of the vents were designed to maximize air flow through the body while keeping the aggressive and high-tech look. The all new and improved Square Fuzzie is now available for your SC Truck and features countless square micro-pins laid out in a traction inducing grid pattern that will stick to the track like Velcro. The long center bars provide tons of forward bite and improved wear over the Original and are ideal for any indoor/outdoor hard-packed dirt track where bar-type tires are not getting the job done.

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April 27, 2012

Pro-Line Toyota Tundra body

Pro-Line is proud to introduce the new Toyota Tundra short course body shell. It sports a huge front grille, pronounced fenders and PL’s Flo-Tek technology to keep the truck flying low and stuck to the track. The officially licensed body fits many of today’s trucks such as the Slash, SC10, XXX-SCT, Ten-SCTE, Ultima SC and Blitz comes with outer overspray film, window masks, and decal sheet.

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