December 14, 2011

Durango DESC410R rear bumper

Durango have announced that the DESC410R rear bumper is now available. The new full-width rear bumper gives extra protection as well as scale looks and also meets the strict rules governing some race meetings where large rear bumpers are a requirement. The bumper can be run in lightweight or full-protection setups by adding or removing the included optional lower bar. The bumper comes supplied with instructions on fitting and you can read a full online guide on installing the bumper and cutting the bodyshell to fit.

View an image of the bumper mounted here

March 10, 2011

Durango DESC410R full sized optional rear bumper

Listening to demand from some DESC410R racers for a full-sized optional rear bumper, Durango have put this piece into production. When designing the DESC410R they decided to go with a minimal rear bumper to save weight and keep with the racing ethos that Team Durango are famous for. With this optional rear bumper they’ve tried to keep the weight penalty to a minimum whilst providing the protection & looks that some users are demanding. The lower rear rail on the bumper has mounting points for 3rd party mud flaps if you choose to fit some, and this rail is removable to reduce weight if you just want the single rail out back. The bumper weighs 41g or 49g for the full-fat bumper with lower rail attached.

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