July 13, 2012

Pro-Line Slash 2wd LCG chassis

Pro-Line are releasing sneak peek photos of their pre production LCG chassis for the Traxxas Slash 2wd. The chassis has been made from aluminium instead of the kit plastic and is much narrower yet brings together all the electronics in a more competition configuration. The steering servo is now mounted in the centre of the chassis along with the receiver and so far in testing it is performing very well. More details as they are released.

View another chassis image here

November 8, 2011

Exotek alloy LCG center chassis for SC10 4×4

Exotek have released this new machined alloy LCG center chassis for the SC10 4×4. The main complaints with the stock SC10 4×4 is that the truck has a high center of gravity that causes the truck to easily traction roll in high grip conditions, is too light which causes it to lose out in door banging when running against heavier trucks and does not feel as stable as the heavier Losi trucks. This new chassis adds over 5oz to your truck and mostly at the lowest part of the truck, the main chassis for a more sure footed, planted feel. Track testers are reporting a much smoother easier to drive truck that stays absolutely planted at high and low speeds and jumps and lands much more easily without the erratic feeling of the stock truck. Machined from 100% billet it has a hard anodized gun metal finish and laser etched Exotek logos. A stiffer center section will help eliminate the reports of the belt from coming off of the front pulley due to the flex of the stock chassis.

View another image of the chassis here

September 19, 2011

First Look – X-Factory SCX-60CF

While attending the final round of the Short Course Showdown Nationwide tour at Mike’s hobby shop in Dallas, Texas, X-Factory driver Clayton Easley showed us the very first run of the company’s new SCX-60. Expected to be available in weeks rather than months the new chassis features a mid motor configuration and a very narrow chassis which they believe to be large benefit, for clearance reasons and to reduce the parachuting effect on big jumps. The version we saw was sporting a saddle pack mounted at the very rear of the car and due to the cars top decks and rear brace it is very stiff. While the car Clayton was using sported an aftermarket bodyshell, the SCX-60 will come with its own design shell when it becomes available.

UPDATED: See the information below from Chazz Sinclair

View more images of the new car here

October 5, 2010

Hongnor SCRT10 chassis & wheel adaptors

New for the Hongnor SCRT10 is this lightweight chassis. CNC machined from high grade 7075-T6 aluminium, this chassis features a lot of milling and as a result is 30% lighter than the original SC-01 chassis. Hongnor have also released new wheel adapters, which are a perfect choice to convert your SCRT10 to accept today’s popular 1:8 buggy size wheels and tires.

View the wheel adapters here

July 21, 2010

HPI Blitz chassis protector decal

Protect the chassis of your HPI Blitz truck with this stylish chassis protector. It’s made from thick vinyl for durability and printed with bold Blitz logos. The self-adhesive design is easy to apply and secured at the front by the skid plate. This version has a white background with black and orange Blitz logos.

Source: HPI [hpieurope.com]

April 24, 2010

HPI Blitz white composite main chassis

HPI are offering their white composite main chassis from the high performance Blitz ESE truck for the regular Blitz series trucks. This replaces the stock black nylon chassis with a stiffer composite main chassis that quickens the overall response of the truck. Not only does the white chassis material enhance the performance and style of the truck, it lets you know at a glance which part is the high response performance part. Precision made to exact HPI factory specifications for a perfect bolt-on fit.

Source: HPI [hpiracing.com]