January 4, 2012


MIP have released this line of aftermarket CVDs for the TLR XXX-SCB & XXX-SCT. Made from high quality steel for excellent wear resistance and toughness, they are a direct replacement for the stock drives, and require no modifications to fit them.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]

February 23, 2011

MIP high quality drives for Slash

New from MIP designs are their high quality drives for the Traxxas Slash, as well as a whole host of other Traxxas cars, designed to hold up to todayʼ’s power systems. Made from highest quality American alloy steel, they have been heat treated for excellent wear resistance and toughness. These MIP drives are a direct replacement, no modification necessary and are completely rebuildable.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]

February 1, 2011

STRC SC10 & Blitz universal driveshafts

More new products from ST Racing Concepts with the release of these heat treated carbon steel universal driveshaft sets for the Associated SC10/T4, HPI Blitz and Universal Bones for OFNA Hyper 10SC. Universal driveshafts are typically an important and often the first upgrade for many racers and bashers, but for years manufactures have left their design and material of universal driveshafts to be relatively the same despite the the change to the more powerful LiPo battery/brushless combination. STRC inspected all components of the traditional universals driveshaft and aimed to improve in material and design. The material is critical and equally important is the heat treatment process. After months and months of prototype testing in different material and increments of heat treating, they believe they have
developed a better finished product of this ‘standard’ upgrade.

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January 17, 2011

MIP C-CVD kits to feature Snap Ring

MIP have announce that all C-CVD kits for 1/10 & SC vehicles have a new upgrade. In their quest to keep MIP products updated, all MIP C-CVD kits will start coming with the MIP Snap Ring combined with set screw lock that ensures no failure due to lost drive pins. This is a running upgrade so there are no changes in part numbers or prices on these kits.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]

June 8, 2010

MIP X-Duty CVD drives for Slash

Designed for ‘High Voltage’ systems such as Castle Creations Monster Mamba, these MIP X-Duty CVD drives have been made from high grade carbon steel and hardened to perfection. They feature a 5/8 diameter CVD joint with 3/32 drive pin for added strength and also the MIP Spline Technology for smoother telescoping action. Fits both the Slash 2wd & Slash 4X4. MIP have also released a new steel center drive hub for the Slash 4×4 which is a direct replacement for the stock plastic hub.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]