August 30, 2012

FTW Diamondback SC body shell

FTW introduce the Diamondback short course body shell for most of today’s 1/10th 2WD and 4WD SC trucks. Innovation in design creates the illusion of a lean, chopped cab profile and a high-rise cowl induction hood was integrated with a provision for a huge cut-out to shed under hood air. The raked wind shield flows into a lowered center section of the roof, terminating in a gaping cutout provision strategically recessed into the back of the cab to further mitigate the parachute effect. Additional cut-out provisions in the bed area are surrounded by a roll cage. The body comes unpainted and includes two decal sheets and window masks.

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September 29, 2011

FTW Losi Ten-SCTE carbon upgrade kits

FTW Racing Components launched its line of carbon fibre racing components by introducing three upgrade kits for the Losi’s popular Ten-SCTE 4WD short course platform, a cooling fan kit, a shock tower kit and an Ackerman rack kit. FTW’s cooling fan kit includes a carbon fibre bracket which replaces the center diff brace and suspends a massive 40mm cooling fan over the motor can. The kit can lower motor temps by up to 40 degrees versus the same setup with no fan, producing side effects like increased power, longer run times and enhanced longevity. It includes a JST connector on the fan wire lead and all necessary hardware for installation.

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