August 26, 2010

Futaba 3PL 2.4GHz FHSS computer radio system

New from Futaba this easy-to-program 3PL 2.4GHz FHSS computer radio system puts spread spectrum technology within affordable reach for car, truck and boat drivers. It offers all the dependability advantages of 2.4GHz control, along with three proportional channels and a 4th channel for special mixing. Frequency-hopping technology eliminates interference, resulting in worry-free operation.

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May 13, 2010

Futaba T3PM Crawler transmitter

Futaba have released the T3PM, a three-channel pistol-grip computer system for RC model car and racing boat drivers, in 2.4 GHz FASST technology, a spread spectrum system with permanent frequency hopping (FHSS). This New variant of the T3PM system now has a crawler mixer function for trial vehicles for four-wheel-steering. Depending on what is required for the terrain, a mixer function allows the front and rear axles to be articulated in the same or in opposite directions.

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September 22, 2009

Futaba 3PM-X 2.4GHz FASST Radio system

Futaba 3PM-X 2.4GHz FASST Radio system

Futaba have released the 3PM-X 2.4GHz FASST radio, which claims to eliminate the need to have one radio for racing, another for rock crawling and yet another for monster trucks. The 3PM-X is the single, affordable system that can handle them all. It retains the features of the popular 3PM while adding performance and programming pluses that expand driving fun, all with the security and dependability of 2.4GHz FASST technology. Now modelers can set up a two or three position switch to control the dig function on their crawler while, with just the push of a button, they can access normal, crab, front-wheel only or rear-wheel only steering modes. Other features includes digital trim strips that allow the user to choose a level of trim adjustability, from fine-tuning finesse (1) to maximum travel (16), while an adjuster function keeps throttle and steering throws as well as centering at programmed ideals for optimum performance.

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April 14, 2009

Yeah Racing Radio-K Carrying Case

Yeah Racing Radio-K Carrying Case

Yeah Racing have released their Radio-K aluminium transmitter carrying case. Designed to fit the Futaba 4PK or Spektrum DX3R & DX3S, it can protect your transmitter from damage and contains custom-fit foam padded interior. The custom-fit foam is pre-cut to fit your radio in a perfect position and provides plenty of room for other RC accessories storage as well. A stylish, lightweight and safe way to carry your radio equipment to the track.

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