August 26, 2020

T-Works TC-01 titanium & steel optionals

Coming from T-Works and made for the Tamiya TC-01 on-road car are several new titanium and steel option parts. The range includes a titanium ball end set as well as a titanium turnbuckle kit and also a total of three screw sets. The latter include a 131-piece titanium as well as 131-piece UFO or standard head gold-colour steel screws. Using the titanium parts will lower the overall weight of the car while adding visual impact with the gold-colour steel screws mainly adding bling while improving corrosion resistance.

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August 24, 2020

Pro-Line Avenger HP 1/8th buggy street tyres

Pro-Line have introduced their new Avenger HP belted tyres for 1/8th buggies. Pro-Line has developed the technology to mould a high-performance herringbone weave pattern belt inside of the Avenger HP. The belted street tyres were specifically made for 1/8th scale buggies that love to go fast and will not balloon or expand during use. The Avenger HP tyres are pre-mounted on Mach 10 black wheels so drivers don’t have to worry about gluing their own tyres or waiting for them to dry. The Mach 10 features ten aggressive spokes that will make the buggy look fast even sitting still. The Mach 10 wheels have a 17mm hex and are made from a single moulded piece of high-quality nylon proudly produced by Pro-Line in the USA.

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August 21, 2020

Pro-Line Pro-Series 32P Slash & Stampede transmission

Following a couple of teasers on social media, Pro-Line have unveiled their new Pro-Series 32P transmission for the Traxxas Slash 2WD and Stampede 2WD trucks. Pro-Line’s engineers made sure to carry over all the things from the original that made it the most popular and loved upgrade to the Slash 2WD while making it even stronger and more capable of handling today’s extreme power systems. Whether racing or bashing, this Transmission is destined to become the ultimate performance upgrade for the truck. Pro-Line has done the work and pre-assembled the transmission to get owners up and running faster. The sealed differential has been pre-filled with grease but can be tuned with optional diff oil to suit any application. The updated racing-style slipper system has been pre-set for proper performance and can be adjusted to dial in the initial take off traction.

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August 20, 2020

Tamiya announce new TT-02 optionals

Tamiya have announced the soon release of new option parts for the TT-02 Type-S entry-level touring car in the form of an aluminium LT steering set and an adjustable steel rear suspension mount. Starting with the steering set, the large tie-rod LT specification provided a neutral steering feeling with the steering bridge, bellcranks and posts being made of aluminium for increased rigidity. In addition the steering post mounting has been optimised to improve durability. The set includes all needed parts and it is usable for the TT-02 Type-S and Type-SR kits.

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August 19, 2020

Kingmax K8S ultra high torque servo

Coming from Kingmax is their new K8S ultra high torque standard size high-performance servo. Utilising an all-new and patented geartrain the servo is capable of up to 88kg-cm of torque and transit times of of down to 0.10 seconds. The CNC-machined all-aluminium case measures 40x20x38.7mm and the servo is equipped with a high-quality brushless motor, durable steel gears, and dual ball bearings. Water protection makes for go-everywhere capabilities, making it ideal for demanding applications such as monster trucks, large scale vehicles and many more.

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August 18, 2020

Tamiya TC-01 aluminium damper extenders

Tamiya have introduced a new option part for use with the TC-01 chassis in the form of aluminium damper extender. The parts replace the stock plastic part with aluminium posts, thereby contributing to a high-spec suspension setup and enhancing damper performance. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and they come blue anodised for wear and looks.

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August 18, 2020

Rêve D ASL front axle brass wheel spacers

Coming from Rêve D and made for their ASL front axles are new 2mm and 4mm brass wheel spacers. Both the 2mm and 4mm spacer weigh in at 1.98g with the different offset allowing to fine-tune the suspension track width. Using the brass spacers over the original, lightweight aluminium hexes will improve stability while diving into slow speed corners or holding the outside line of fast high speed corners. Both spacers are designed to interlock with the ASL axle and they are available separately as 2-piece sets.

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August 14, 2020

Exotek introduce new DR10 optionals

Coming from Exotek are new option parts for the Team Associated DR10 range of drag racing cars. First up is a set of aluminium rear hubs whose heavy-duty design maintains the suspension geometry setting, race after race. The updated design works as either the left or right hub and it also allows for adjusting the wheelbase as needed using the supplied spacers. The upright ball stud mounting matches the stock roll centre height and the hubs are also usable for the DB10 and B5 series kits.

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