September 13, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 rear hub set

From Exotek come this Pro style alloy rear hub set with vertical ball link mounting for the SC10 4×4. Vertical ball stud mounting allows for quick and precise roll center changes. Simply use 3mm metal washers or shims to raise or lower the ball height. Precision machined from T6 alloy for precise fit, lightweight design and heavy duty use, they use the stock bearings and maintains the stock toe geometry.

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March 8, 2011

HPI Blitz aluminium rear hub carrier set

New from HPI, this aluminium rear hub carrier set replaces the stock nylon rear hub carriers on HPI Blitz, Firestorm and E-Firestorm trucks. They are heavy-duty parts that provide the extra strength needed for high performance driving. 0.5 degrees of toe-in is machined into the hubs so you can tune your rear toe angle to 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 degrees to help dial in the suspension feel to track conditions. These rear hub carriers are machined from billet aluminium to exact HPI factory dimensions for a perfect fit, anodized and laser etched for easy identification. Each set includes left and right hubs, high efficiency ball bearings, bearing crush washers, pivot balls and washers for suspension geometry adjustment.

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January 15, 2011

Pro-Line SC10 front inboard hub kit

Pro-Line have released this SC10 front inboard hub kit. The kit replaces the stock SC10 front hubs and axles and converts it to a floating 12mm hex, so you can run Pro-Line’s ProTrac wheels in the front of your SC10. When combined with Pro-Line’s rear hex adapters for the SC10, you can now run the same Pro-Trac Hex wheel on the front and rear of your truck.

View an image of the hub kit installed here

November 17, 2010

RPM SC10 Rear axle carriers

New for the SC10, RPM have released this rear axle carrier using the larger outer bearings found in Associated’s #9730 axle carriers. The larger outer bearing supports the axle better, providing over 1/16′ more axle contact than two 3/16′ x 3/8′ standard bearings, for smoother, longer lasting performance. With the larger outer bearing and RPM proprietary materials, they found the perfect blend of strength and durability for a whole range of Associated 1/10th scale electric vehicles.

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May 17, 2010

Factory Team SC10 rear hubs

Associated have released some new Factory Team 7075 blue anodized aluminium rear hubs with molded camber link tower. Available in 0°, 0.5°, 1° and 1.5° versions, the molded camber link tower provides additional security for your investment against broken ball studs. Link tower ‘A’ has standard holes, while there is an optional ‘B’ tower with in-between options. It uses larger 0.5″ diameter outer bearings for increased durability and while designed for the B44, it also fits the SC10 with the addition of different bearings and crush tubes.

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