December 18, 2010

Pro-Line grey supplemental foam inserts

Pro-Line have introduced this set of grey supplemental foam inserts for Traxxas stock wheels. Offered for those who are using conical/tapered 2.2″/3.0″ SC wheels, this insert fills the gap created by the stock Traxxas style tapered wheel when using standard Pro-Line tires & inserts.

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November 4, 2010

Trinity Bomb 1 Pro low profile inserts

Designed for racing, these new Trinity Bomb 1 Pro low profile short course inserts fit most high performance tires like those made by JConcepts, AKA and of course Pro-Line. The insert claims to allow the tire to produce more overall grip by profiling the rubber tire to have an increased contact patch. Available in Standard and hard versions.

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October 6, 2010

Video – How to Tune Pro-Line SC Foam


Pro-Line have made this quick video explaining how to tune your SC foam inserts. A simple and free way to soften up your inserts, it can be done by getting a scissors and trimming strips from the top running surface or the centre ridge.

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August 21, 2010

Sneak Peak of JConcepts profiled closed cell inserts

With ROAR Electric off road Nationals taking place this week Leisure Hours in Joliet, IL, JConcepts are going all out with new product releases. The Florida based company have given us a sneak peek of their new profiled closed cell inserts. With no more details forthcoming, we will have to make do with the photo which shows the new 1/10th buggy rear, 1/10th 4wd front and SCT profiled insert.

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June 2, 2010

Pro-Line Hole Shot SC tires

Having shown us a sneak peek of the new Hole Shot short course tire last week, Pro-Line have today announced its release. The Hole-Shot is renowned across the world as one of the most used race tires of all time. With its square-lug technology and highly reinforced tire carcass, it comes supplied with the durable, long-lasting closed-cell inserts and is available in M3 (Soft) and M4 (Super-Soft) compounds.

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April 17, 2010

Pro-Line Split Six wheels & V2 blue molded inserts

Short Course racing just got more aggressive and colorful with Pro-Line’s Spilt Six wheels in black, white and yellow. The Split Six design is the staple look of short course vehicles and now you can combine the performance option of Pro-Line’s entire 1:8 tire line with these wheels and their 17mm adapters to significantly improve the performance of your SC truck. PL have also released their V2 blue molded inserts, perfect for when traction is in short supply and/or the surface gets bumpy. Made of high grade open cell material and designed with ribbing that matches Pro-Line tires like a glove, you will experience better balance and less sidewall flex than with any other molded foam insert on the market.

View the V2 inserts here

April 6, 2010

Pro-Line M4 Compounds & SC Additions

Pro-Line have announced that their Short Course Caliber and Bow Ties are now available in the super soft M4 compound. Also new for Short Course is are Pro-Line’s new Trencher SC tires. Designed to give your short course truck optimal traction on just about any surface, their realistic shaped treads give your short course truck a scale look while offering ridiculous amounts of forward bite. The tall tread will also offer traction in many different terrains and deliver durability, second to none. Finally, and also for Short Course, Pro-Line now offers a dedicated Closed Cell insert.

Click here to see the other tires

March 18, 2010

AKA Enduro & Wishbone SC tires & Grooved inserts

AKA have announced the release of the Enduro and Wishbone tires, designed specifically for 1/10 short course trucks and to fit the stock wheels from all the popular brands. Gil Losi, Jr. and Mark Pavidis designed these tires which feature 2.2”/3” bead design and an inner carcass design made to perfectly fit the industry standard AKA closed cell foams. This results in a much more controlled outer sidewall for more consistent handling and tread wear meaning no more cranking in tons of camber to keep the tire patch flat on the ground. The AKA Enduro tread pattern is an all round good tire for just about any surface condition, while the Wishbone is suited to high bite blue grooved clay tracks or indoor clay tracks. AKA have also released of their next generation of tire foams. Based on the original industry standard closed cell foam insert, their new grooved insert is designed to take advantage of the radial ribs the carcass of their Wishbone and Enduro tires while still providing great performance in the other treads. This new grooved insert design is replacing our original non-grooved insert.

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