December 9, 2011

Method RC Hellcat Type R SC body

New from Method RC, the Hellcat Type R short course body fits most popular 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive 1:10 scale RC SCT vehicles and is designed to meet the ROAR Racing regulations for 1/10th RC Short Course Truck. The Hellcat sports aggressive styling that is true to full-scale short course racing trucks. Careful placement of air extractors in low pressure zones reduces the parachute effect when jumping without making your truck look like Swiss cheese. Included number plates incorporate a 35 degree kick to help reduce air entrainment behind the cab, reducing drag and parachute effect. The Type R body is perfect for racing as it uses a thinner polycarbonate to reduce weight. When you really want to get aggressive, install the included rear spoiler for added bite.

View more images of the Hellcat here