June 21, 2012

Novak Vented Ballistic 550 brushless motor

To combat the high temps and demands of the modern 4×4 Short Course race day, Novak is introducing the Vented Ballistic 550 brushless 4.5T motor. This is the same motor that has been powering drivers to the top of short course podiums across the racing world, but with the added value and performance of Novak’s vented end bells. The vented end bells will also be available as an accessory kit

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

November 21, 2011

Novak Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive

Novak is excited to announce its newly-developed speed control technology called Novak X-Drive. This ultra-efficient brushless motor firing technology has been added to all Novak Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC. This new update significantly improves the throttle feel and response and it also reduces the ESC’s operating temperatures for more efficient operation. Team drivers, test drivers and customers who have run the Havoc Pro SC with X-Drive in side-by-side comparisons to their original ESC have all noticed an incredibly smooth feel, improved drivability, lower temperatures, and overall higher performance resulting in faster lap times and longer run times.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

April 27, 2011

Novak Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque 4.5T motor

Novak is introducing a high-torque version of its popular Ballistic 550 motor. The Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque brushless 4.5T motor includes Novak’s larger diameter 14mm tuning rotor for a higher temperature threshold, higher torque and lower Kv. This combination is perfect for 4×4 Short Course trucks and offers drivers a different feel and response from their motor. This system will be available in May.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

October 28, 2010

Chad Bradley with JBRL 4wd SC series

The 2010 JBRL Electric Series came to a close October 10, 2010 with an overall win for Novak products in the the Unlimited 4WD Short Course Class. Novak Team Driver Chad Bradley took first place at the final event, which took place at Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California. The full event occurred all across Southern California, from indoor to outdoor tracks of all shapes and sizes. With over 200 entries in the event that spanned over eight months, Bradley came out on top with his Havoc Pro Short Course ESC and Ballistic 4.5 Motor. Jammin team mate Kevin Smith took 2nd with DJ Sandate in 3rd with his Novak powered OFNA.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com] / Image: Aaron Waldron

September 20, 2010

Novak Havoc 3S is now Traxxas compatible

Novak have announced that you can get the Havoc 3S Brushless/Brush ESC with Traxxas plugs. The Havoc 3S/Ballistic 8.5T Brushless System with Traxxas plug is also being introduced, and is part of the long line of TRA systems Novak offers. These products are equipped with a Traxxas compatible battery connector, able to handle high-current and ready for an easy installation. In other words, no soldering. To further simplify installation they include gold-plated bullet motor plugs, which eliminate tricky wiring and allow the system to be removed easily from the vehicle again without soldering.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

May 5, 2010

Novak Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC

To power their already popular Ballistic 550 Brushless Motors, Novak is releasing the all new Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC. This is their first speed control specifically designed to meet the rigors of short course racing. In fact, it includes everything any short course enthusiast could ever want in a speed control, boasting electronic timing, on-board programming with 14 adjustable parameters, a brand new braking system, and it comes factory wired to the most powerful short course motor available. On top of that, Novak is releasing a Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System – 4.5T and a Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System – 4.5T TRA, which is specially designed to fit easily into Traxxas Slash 4X4 without soldering.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

April 13, 2010

Novak Ballistic 550 brushless motors

Novak’s Ballistic 550 Brushless motors claim to be the first 550-sized motors to break into short course competition and easily outperform traditional 540-sized motors. The Ballistic 550s are so powerful because of their extra long stator and rotor magnet. In fact, the stator and rotor magnet are twice the length of 540-sized motors, giving them twice the torque. Additionally, these larger-sized motors run cooler and more efficiently than their 540 counterparts. These high-powered machines are the motors of choice at small, indoor race tracks and easily install into the OFNA Hyper 10 SC, Jammin SCRT 10, Traxxas Slash 4X4 and many other 1/10-scale short course trucks.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]