January 5, 2011

Hexdek Magnetic work deck

New from Hexcrews, the magnetic Hexdek provides a flat, secure area to keep your parts out in the open with no need for a tray. Your parts end up being easier to see and access without them rolling off the table. Nothing more annoying than seeing a small set screw or ball bearing roll away that you couldn’t grab fast enough. Multiple styles and sizes to choose from.

Source: Hexdek [hexcrews.com]

October 28, 2010

DuraTrax Pit Mats

DuraTrax have introduced these take anywhere Pit Mats. Featuring a durable construction that’s also resistant to fuels and solvents, they stay in place giving you a solid reliable base to work on. Available in two sizes, 5” x 5” (125 x 125mm) & 29” x 19” (735 x 485mm), the mats make on-site maintenance tasks easier not only for ground-based modelers but for airplane and heli pilots, too. Each mat features recessed areas that keep small parts and tools handy while preventing them from rolling away. And there’s still lots of space for a vehicle, heli or small aircraft.

View the small hardware mat here

September 8, 2010

Robitronic Pit mats

Robitronic have released two new pit mats to help keep your workspace clean and organised. Available in 35x28cm and 75x50cm, the easy to clean rubber material helps it stay in place on your bench giving you a good base to work on, while the raised borders ensure that screws, tools and other small items don’t roll away.

Source: Robitronic [robitronic.com]