January 19, 2012

PL Hole Shot 2.0 & Blockade tires pre-mounted on Renegade Black wheels

Pro-Line have announced that their Hole Shot 2.0 SC and Blockade SC are now available pre mounted on Renegade Black wheels. The Pro-Line Renegade wheel for SC trucks features a tough 10 spoke design replicating the latest in high performance full size forged racing wheels used by the pros. Detailed beadloc and lug nut hardware only adds to the realism. Combine the Renegade with the Hole-Shot 2.0 SC, which features more pins and a wider contact patch for insane amounts of traction. Combine the Renegade with the Blockade Tires for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and unique side tread that keeps you planted around the corners.

View the Blockade pre-mounts here

January 4, 2012

JConcepts pre-mounts on +3mm Hazard wheels

After numerous requests JConcepts has hit the easy button once again and is now offering its most popular SCT tires pre-mounted on the new +3mm Hazard wheel. The Hazard wheel pre-mount combination fits a variety of vehicles including the SC10 RS, SC10 4×4 as a direct fit and SC10 FT, Losi XXX-SCT and SCB with 12mm hex adaptors.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

December 1, 2011

AKA SC10 4×4 pre-mounts

AKA is adding to their best selling line of pre-mounts with the release of these SC10 4×4 pre-mounts. The SC10 4×4 has been a hit since its release earlier this year and now customers no longer have to worry about mounting their tires to race or have fun with their SC10 4×4. AKA now has them covered with all their Short Course tread designs in both Soft and Super Soft compound now available mounted on a wheel made to fit the SC10 4×4. These new pre-mounts also feature AKA’s best selling red insert for superior handling and durability compared to the competition.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

September 22, 2011

AKA R-Line SC pre-mount series

AKA have announced the addition of their Short Course tires to their R-Line pre-mount series. Short Course R-Line pre-mounts feature AKA’s Cyclone wheel made from AKA’s proprietary blend of high impact nylon. Inside the tire is AKA’s industry leading soft red insert designed to decrease the lateral deflection of the tire while at the same time increasing the vertical impact absorption therefore providing better handling in the bumps. The lateral grooves allow the insert to flex vertically and absorb large impacts while still maintaining lateral stability and overall durability that AKA inserts are known for. The result is a more predictable handling car in the harshest track conditions. Last but not least SC R-Line pre-mounts are all hand assembled using AKA’s best selling tire glue to ensure a perfect bond every time. R-Line pre-mounts are available to fit most popular SC truck brands including Traxxas, Associated, Kyosho, Losi and HPI.

Source: AKA [raceaka.com]

May 4, 2011

Pro-Line Hole Shot SC 2.0 & pre mount updates

Lots of new SC tire combos from Pro-Line, starting with the release of their new Hole Shot SC 2.0 tire. It features more pins and a wider contact patch for insane amounts of traction and the unique mini-pin design gives the optimum level of traction in dusty, hard-packed and grooved conditions. Available in soft and super soft compounds. Pro-Line have also announced that their Caliber SC 2.0 tires will be available pre mounted on ProTrac Renegade black wheels as well as standard Renegade black wheels. The Trencher and Gladiator SC tires will also now be available pre mounted on Renegade black wheels.

View the pre mounts here

December 4, 2010

Pro-Line Sniper SC pre mounted on Renegade wheel

Released back in September, Pro-Line now offer their M3 Sniper SC tire pre mounted on Renegade black wheels. Using the same design philosophy and technology as the Hole Shot, but scaled up to work on looser and dustier track conditions the Sniper offers awesome forward traction and side bite on a variety of track conditions. The bigger pins also provide longer wear, giving you lasting traction through long A-mains. Suitable for Slash rear, Slash 4×4 & Blitz front or rear.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

October 30, 2010

JConcepts pre-mounted Short Course tires


JConcepts has hit the easy button once again with an entire line of pre-mounted Short Course Tires. JConcepts set a new standard in Short Course tire design and performance with the original Goose Bumps, and now, they are even easier to use than ever before with the introduction of pre-mounts. The line-up includes the versatile Subcultures and ROAR National Champion Goose Bumps, Double Dees and Bar Codes all in sticky green compound. Stay on-track in SCT and hit the easy button with JConcepts.

View the full line up of SC pre mounts here