August 17, 2010

Team Orion Vortex digital servos

Team Orion have introduced their all new line up of Vortex digital servos. Totally new developments, they offer features like lightened pinion gears or full aluminium body and bring together high performance with great prices. The Vortex Digital HV servos feature a full aluminium body, lightened titanium gears and coreless motor and come in 3 different versions, the VDS-HV 1205 (12kg/0.05s), the VDS-HV 1609 (16kg/0.09s) and the VDS-HV 2612 (26kg/0.12s). The Vortex Digital servo also features coreless motors and lightened titanium gears and in standard size comes in 4 different versions, the VDS 1106 (11kg/0.06s), VDS 1308 (13kg/0.08s), VDS 1712 (17kg/0.12s) and the VDS 2315 (23kg/0.15s) and also in a low profile version, the VDS 1009 (10kg/0.09s). Finally there is the entry level Vortex Digital EXP servo, the VDS-EXP 1112 (11kg/0.12s) which comes with metal gears and a coreless motor.

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July 9, 2010

Team X-Core Racing coreless digital servos

Team X-Core Racing were in touch to tell us about their line of standard size coreless digital servos. Featuring all metal gears, they are extremely powerful with different torque levels across the range starting with 9kg/cm (0.08sec), 11kg/cm (0.09sec), 14kg/cm (0.12sec) & 17kg/cm (0.15sec). Super light weight, up to 20% lighter than similar servos, the use of a coreless motor provides maximum performance through faster movement, increased accuracy and greater torque. Encased in a specially designed case that incorporates a metal heatsink to ensure cool reliable operation under high loads.

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April 20, 2010

Sanwa SRG-CZ & SRG-BZ high torque servos

Sanwa have released their new super-response coreless torque-servos, the SRG-CZ and SRG-BZ. The CZ has been designed specifically for use in the 1/8 off-road area, while the BZ is better suited for the nitro and electric on-road classes. Both feature high quality Japanese ball bearings, double isolation against humidity and a special high quality plastic case.

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April 8, 2010

Spektrum S6040 & S6030 surface servos

Spektrum have introduced two new surface servos, the S6040 and S6030. The S6040 combines the impressive ultra fast .08 second transit time with 167oz of torque and titanium gears. The coreless motor allows for extended motor life and a smoother operation. This performance, along with the smooth precision of its dual ball bearing output shaft and titanium gears, makes it the ultimate upgrade. The heavy-duty, metal-gear S6030 puts out an incredible 278 oz-in of torque making it the perfect servo for 1/10-scale monster trucks, buggies and truggies.  And it delivers this torque with silky smooth precision thanks to its dual ball-bearing output shaft.

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March 27, 2010

Sanwa HVS-ZV & HVS-ZS servos

Sanwa have released 2 new servos, the HVS-ZV and HVS-ZS. These extremely strong and fast servos are optimised for both 6.0V and 7.4V and is therefore ideal for use with nitro models, where normally a voltage regulator is mandatory. Double isolated to protect against humidity, and ball raced, the ZV can manage 24.2kg per cm and can complete 40 degrees in 0.08s. while the ZS does 20.5kg per cm and the same range in 0.07s, at 6 volts.

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February 10, 2010

Etronix 9.0kg Heavy duty servo

Etronix 9.0kg Heavy duty servo

Etronix have introduced their new standard size all metal geared 9kg rated servo, the perfect choice for cost conscious RTR owners looking to upgrade their stock units. Ideally suited to crawlers and 1/8th buggies and trucks it rugged and strong drivetrain it will help eliminate those annoying servo failures.

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January 27, 2010

Losi Extra high torque servo

Losi have released this extra high torque servo. An ideal step up for RTR and 1/8 throttle servos this servo provides over 130 in./oz. of torque reliably through ball bearing supported metal gears. This servo is perfect for 1/10 steering, 1/8 throttle, and 1/8 Monster trucks that will benefit from the extra torque and power. The metal output shaft features 23 splines, which is the same as Losi, JR, Spektrum, and Airtronics.

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January 25, 2010

Savox SC1267 & SC1268 servos

New for 2010 from Savox come two new releases predominately aimed at the nitro car racer who is racing over a prolonged duration. The demands put on throttle and steering servos when mounted in nitro vehicles, can create motor heat build up when used over a prolonged period. This heat build up can on occasions cause servo problems. With these applications in mind, Savox have reduced the motor RPM a little and improved torque within their new SC1267 and SC1268 servos to make them more suitable to longer sustained usage.

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