December 15, 2010

CRC Blitz aluminium bellcrank steering arm

CRC have introduced this new steering arm for the Blitz, which adds a ton of strength, more precise steering control and is pretty sweet looking to boot. The aluminium construction adds a ton of strength and rigidity without adding too much weight. Many Blitz drivers have complained that even after they invest in a quality steering servo, they still didn’t have the feel that they were looking for. This is mostly because of the flex and deflection of the stock plastic pieces. This piece eliminates this weak link in the chain.

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December 11, 2010

HPI Blitz aluminium steering rack set

HPI have released this slick high performance aluminium steering rack set to your Blitz short course racing truck for awesome cool looks and dramatically improved durability. Perfect for bashers with high-power motors to prevent breakages and ideal for serious racers who need precise steering on all types of surfaces. Five steering link holes are provided on the drag link for super-precise steering angle adjustment, plus the set is fully equipped with low-drag ball bearings for ultimate efficiency. With the subdued brown anodizing, this makes an ideal upgrade for the Blitz ESE also.

Source: HPI []