September 20, 2012

Team C big bore shock absorbers

Team C Racing introduce updated aluminium shock absorbers for the TS4 and TS4TE line of 4WD short course trucks. Coming with threaded 12mm shock bodies, titanium-nitride coated shock shafts and spring cups with dirt escape holes the updated shocks also feature new plastic composite upper shock caps with bleeder hole option for added tuneability and more setup options. Available as front and rear shocks that also fit many other vehicles.

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August 31, 2012

Team C TS4TE Team Edition kit

Team C Racing introduce the TS4TE Team Edition kit, a 4WD short course truck based on the standard TS4. The Team Edition features many option parts such as 12mm big bore shock absorbers, aluminium arm mounts, centre bulkhead carbon stiffener and anti-roll bars. The rolling chassis comes with clear lexan body shell but without tyres and becomes available soon.

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August 26, 2012

Team C short course body

Team C Racing introduce a new short course body shell for the use with their TS2 and TS4 line of trucks. Sporting a different design than the stock shells the TS404 comes clear, with side number plates and side dams and is useable on other 1/10th SC trucks also.

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May 18, 2012

Team C TS2TE 2wd SC truck

Team C have created this Team Edition of their TS2TE 2wd short course truck. The team version comes with new 16mm big bore shocks as well as a newly design SC body shell. To increase durability over the standard version it will come with a range of aluminium parts as standard including hinge blocks, motor mount for better cooling and a new 28T gear.

View some chassis images here

January 18, 2012

Team C TS4 4×4 short course truck

Team C have released a CAD image showing their new TS4 4×4 short course truck. Details are scarce but we have been told that it comes with an aluminium main chassis, gear diffs, a 4wd shaft system and a newly designed short course body. We have no date for release but we hope to see the final car at the Nuremberg toy fair in 2 weeks.

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June 18, 2010

Team C Short Course TS2 truck

Further to our post earlier in the week about the SXSC10, Hong Kong based Team C have announced that they will be releasing this same car under the name of ‘Short Course TS2’. Made to ROAR specifications, it features a large battery tray, full ball bearings throughout, adjustable turnbuckles, aluminium shock absorbers, 12mm hex hubs, a realistic front/rear bumper and a short course style lexan body, which we saw in the original post. We are told it should be ready for release in 2 weeks time.

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