November 4, 2010

Trinity Bomb 1 Pro low profile inserts

Designed for racing, these new Trinity Bomb 1 Pro low profile short course inserts fit most high performance tires like those made by JConcepts, AKA and of course Pro-Line. The insert claims to allow the tire to produce more overall grip by profiling the rubber tire to have an increased contact patch. Available in Standard and hard versions.

Source: Team Epic []

March 14, 2010

Team Epic short course foams

Team Epic have introduced new front and rear 1/10th scale short course foam tires. Designed for racing on asphalt and carpet on road tracks, they are available in blue and green compounds and come pre mounted on chrome rims with red beadlock with 12mm hex and fit all short course trucks with the exception of the Associated SC10.

Source: Team Epic []