December 13, 2017

Infinity IF14 CVD joint cover tubes

Infinity have released a set of joint covers for use on the double jointed CVD of their IF14 electric touring car. The covers are aimed at preventing the G-Clip from accidentally coming off during running. Supplied in two 50mm lengths, drivers cut 10mm lengths for use on each CVD with slight heating of the tube creating the perfect final fit. An extra benefit of the cover is that it helps retain grease in the joint therefore extending the life-span of the parts and the maintenance cycle.

View the fitted tubes here

December 13, 2017

Schumacher Mi6evo 2mm stiff weave carbon chassis

New from Schumacher and coming for the Mi6evo touring car is a 2mm diff weave carbon fibre main chassis plate. Ideally suited for medium to high grip conditions and especially good on carpet the chassis has a similar feeling to that of an alloy chassis yet it is lighter. The 2mm thickness gives a low roll centre and centre of gravity increasing corner speed.

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

December 13, 2017

Vigor RC MTC1 carbon fibre option parts

Vigor RC have introduced new carbon fibre option parts for the Mugen MTC1 touring car. First up is a 2.25mm main chassis plate that is understood to be a direct replacement for the standard part. Also new are three different top decks, the first one being a direct replacement for the standard deck while a 1-piece front flex and a 1-piece centre flex top deck further add tuning options to the car. Also new is a 3.5mm hard rear shock tower that will improve rear end grip while the new carbon fibre fan mounts are usable with 30mm to 40mm fan units. All parts are cut from high-quality carbon fibre and they will hit stores very soon.

View the other new parts here

December 13, 2017

Yokomo YD-2SX RWD drift car kit

Yokomo have introduced the YD-2SX, a full option kit based on the YD-2S chassis family. The car utilises a carbon fibre chassis with an aluminium front bulkhead, and a high motor mount allows to adjust the weight balance by offering seven different mounting positions. The suspension received an update by adding toe inserts for the suspension mounts and an updated steering assembly with press-fit ball races ensures maximum car control. The kit is rounded out by aluminium gear differential outdrives, plastic blade-protected driveshafts, and it will hit stores from end of December.

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December 13, 2017

Reedy S-Plus competition spec class motors

Coming from Reedy are the new S-Plus competition spec class electric brushless motors. The heart of the S-Plus is a thin leg stator that allows shorter wire lengths, resulting in great reduction in resistance. The thin-leg stator also reduces the motor’s weight, as handling and chassis turning flexibility improves. Machined parts such as the can, timing cap, back plate, and sensor assembly have been placed on a diet. An entire section of the front plate has been removed to reduce weight with an added benefit of allowing the user to re-position it to lower CG depending on which type of car it is being installed in. A savings of nearly 30g has been achieved. Additionally, the motor’s length has been reduced by more than 2mm, which aids left/right balance and moves mass towards the centre of the chassis. An all-new high-strength, balanced rotor is more powerful that its predecessor. Because the rotor is interchangeable with those in 540-M3 spec motors, a wide range of tuning options are already available. Precision stainless steel ball bearings have been fitted to accommodate high RPM loads with exceptional efficiency and reliability. Three versions, 21.5, 17.5, and 13.5, are available with more versions to follow.

View the features and another image here

December 13, 2017

Maclan Racing Race Formula Graphene LiHV batteries

Maclan Racing have announced their all-new Race Formula Graphene LiHV battery packs. These new 2018 chemistry Graphene packs provide lower weight with better discharge curves. The 120C batteries also offer lower operating temperatures, lower internal resistance, better run time, increased cycle life and voltage. Available are a 8500mAh standard-size pack, a 6400mAh standard size LCG pack, a 6000mAh shorty and a 3600mAh LCG shorty pack all of which allow fro 10C maximum charge rates, and they are constructed using 5mm connector tubes.

View the other battery packs here

December 13, 2017

Trinity Monster Max Killer Orange end plate kit

Trinity have introduced their limited edition Monster Max Killer Orange end plate kit as a direct replacement for the Monster Max or the Monster Horsepower motor. The set is limited to 100 pieces and includes a sensor side end plate, pinion side end plate with bearing as well as the sensor board cover plate. The parts are only available as set and not separately.

Source: Trinity [teamtrinity.com]

December 12, 2017

175RC RC10F6 Titanium front axles

New from 175RC comes this pack of two optional RC10F6 Titanium front axles. Lighter than steel and stronger than aluminium, these titanium front axles are an easy way to lighten your car and reduce unsprung weight for improved handling and response.

Source: 175RC [175rc.com]