February 25, 2017

Arrowmax 1/10th formula setup system

Coming from Arrowmax is a dedicated setup system for 1/10th formula pan cars. Made of aluminium and polycarbonate the ball-raced tool allows to easily and conveniently check and adjust the car’s front end caster, camber and toe settings along the steering throw. Included thumb nuts make attaching and releasing the front axles a breeze.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

February 24, 2017

Xray tease RX8 2017 1/8th nitro on-road kit

Xray have released a first teaser of the forthcoming RX8 2017 1/8th scale nitro on-road car. As usual no official details are available prior to the release, that is set for sometime in March, but we keep you up to date on all information as soon as they surface.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 24, 2017

ZF Concepts Z4 1/8th nitro on-road kit

Italian company ZF Concepts have introduced their all-new Z4 1/8th nitro on-road car. Designed by Federico Zugno the car will offer some new-to-the-class features such as the extensive use of composite materials over aluminium and so the kit will feature a moulded rear mono block for perfect transmission alignment and an integrated body support, it sports an easily adjustable rear swaybar as well as a front suspension that allows for nine different roll centre settings. On top of this the gearbox axle will be supported by four instead of two ball races. The Italian-made kit will hit domestic stores early March and it will become available World-wide a bit later that month.

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February 24, 2017

Capricorn C803 lower shock link plates

Capricorn have introduced new lower shock link plates for the C803 on-road kit. Machined from high-quality aluminium and coming clear anodised the parts help to maintain the given shock angle even when changing the lower A-arm width using the different suspension mount insert settings. With the new parts it is now even possible to use the longest 25mm setting.

An explaining image and manual update can be found here

February 24, 2017

Pro-Line X-Maxx Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell

Coming from Pro-Line and made for the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck is the pre-cut Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell. Resembling the 2017 variant of the popular pick-up truck the body is a direct fit to Traxxas’ big gun monster truck and it comes clear, including window masks and decal sheet. On top of this the body will be delivered pre-cut, minimising preparation time.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

February 24, 2017

Pro-Line Pro-Forge 1.9″ alloy bead-loc wheels

Coming from Pro-Line are the new Pro-Forge 1.9″ aluminium bead-loc 6-lug wheels. CNC-machined in the USA the wheels are designed to not only look scale, but to perform in even the toughest conditions. They feature the industry standard 6 Lug hex mounting design and pair with Pro-Line’s new 6-lug 12mm standard offset hex adapters, which are sold separately. The overall wheel width of the Pro-Forge is 2mm wider than both the FaultLine and Denail 1.9″ wheels but maintains the standard wheel offset. Black die-cast bead-loc rings and hardware are included to hold 1.9″ crawling tyres onto the wheel. The rims are available in clear and bronze anodised finish.

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February 24, 2017

Scorpion RS-3420 21.5T ETS version brushless motor

Scorpion’s RS-3420 21.5T ETS electric brushless motor builds on the proven RS-3420 series modified and stock motors for exceptional performance and drivability. It features a 12.5mm rotor with patented screw-type surface for maximum torque and low running temperatures while a built-in cooling fan further reduces internal heat built-up. The can’s heatsink design offers up to 200 percent more cooling surface compared to plain can motors while a special design allows to maximise the copper fill of the windings. The motor, that is the hand-out motor for the Formula class of the Euro Touring Series, comes with special ETS markings for easy identification and it is available now.

Source: Scorpion [scorpionsystem.com]

February 24, 2017

ARC R8.1 2017 1/8th nitro on-road car kit

ARC have introduced the R8.1 1/8th nitro on-road car. The latest version comes with an all-new chassis design that utilises a sliding weight system in the front that allows to easily and conveniently adjust the weight bias using a sliding brass weight. Also new is the Flex Upper Deck that has become a standard part and that allows to adjust the front end flex by installing or removing a Y-brace. A similar system in the rear of the car helps to further fine-tune the overall torsional flex of the car.

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