December 8, 2023

Sweep Super Carbides 1:8 Buggy tyres

Sweep Racing has announced its new Super Carbides 1:8 Buggy tyre.  Designed for hard packed and blue groove or loose dusty track conditions, they get an improved V6 carcase.  The new carcase design features rounded sidewall to improve corner feeling and give better wide contact with the surface.  The pin size remains the same as it’s original Carbides.

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December 6, 2023

ROAR remove Reedy SP5 25.5 from approved motor list

ROAR has announced that Reedy’s SP5 25.5 motor is to be removed from the North American governing body’s approved motor list effective from Noon (PST) on Friday, December 20, 2023.  In a statement sent to us by ROAR, they state that while most motors are in spec there are some that do not meet the minimum stator stack length requirement of 19.7 mm and therefore they are removing the motor from the list.  Reedy, who have been made aware of the issue, will be required to resubmit the motor for a new inspection and approval once manufacturing issues are resolved.

Read ROAR statement here

December 5, 2023

SkyRC B6ACneo Charger

SkyRC has released this smaller than a credit card B6ACneo Charger that sports a sleek design with vibrant colours, and boasts an impressive 200W charging capacity with DC power and 60W with AC.  Surpassing the original B6AC’s 50W AC limit,  the B6ACneo reduces charging time, maximising your time in RC action.  Don’t let its downsized footprint deceive you – this charger packs a punch.  When powered by DC it delivers a remarkable charging power of up to 200W with a maximum current of 10A.  Even when connected to AC power it effortlessly fills up to 60W.  The SkyRC B6ACneo features an XT60 interface as its DC input and Universal 100-240V AC input, ensuring greater flexibility and convenience in charging your RC batteries.

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November 30, 2023

Team Associated F28 Formula RTR

For its latest offering of fun 1:28 cars, Team Associated releases the F28 1:28 scale 2WD RTR.  The F28 is a no-nonsense pint-sized Formula style car that looks great and drives smooth thanks to a powerful electric motor and capable drivetrain.  No need to prep or build your racer; just charge it and you’re ready to drive!  The included 2.4GHz transmitter allows complete control, enabling you to navigate around, through and over obstacles with ease!  With race- inspired wheels and body make for a great-looking package that will also perform well on the staggered size foam tires.  When the F28’s integrated LiPo battery becomes discharged, the convenient built-in transmitter charger makes it easy to get back to full power and ready to run in less than an hour. A built-in rechargeable LiPo battery and 4 AAs are included, making the vehicle ready to go right out of the box!

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November 29, 2023

Kyosho V-ONE R4 Front Mass Damper

Kyosho has released a Front Mass Damper for their V-ONE R4 1:10 Nitro Touring Car chassis which is a device other than the suspension that absorbs vibrations and shocks.  A donut-shaped weight is placed between the upper and lower springs around a shaft fixed to the upper and lower bumpers.  Tested by Kyosho’s head of RC car development Kazuhiro Miyazaki, who himself admitted he was sure it would work, when fitted it is possible to absorb minute vibrations that cannot be controlled by the suspension.  In addition to the sense of stability when accelerating and decelerating, the sense of stability when the car hits bumps in the road surface, curbs, etc. has also been significantly improved.  The set includes two 0.2mm thick shims, and by using them to add tension to the spring, the feeling will change slightly.

View Front Mass Damper set parts here

November 28, 2023

Boki Racing XX4 X5 Conversion Kit Body

American niche bodyshell producer BOKI Racing has unveiled a rare find to the vintage RC racing community with the release of the XX4 X5 Conversion Kit Body.  Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the original kit, the XX4 X5 Conversion Kit Body offers an unparalleled fit.  The kit includes a clear, uncut, unpainted body, complete with window masks and paint masking, all expertly constructed from .030 Lexan made in the USA.  Designed originally by Josh Cyrul, the XX4 X5 body embodies the X-Factor philosophy of prioritizing function above all. Despite initial reservations about its aesthetics, the design’s prowess becomes evident when working with and painting the shell, ultimately growing on enthusiasts.  Notable features include a prominent motor cooling hump, providing ample space for a motor heat sink beneath the shell. The driver’s cockpit is strategically positioned in the center, with a rearward swoop to enhance downforce. The team behind the XX4 X5 body asserts its significant contribution to the car’s aerodynamics, promising a noticeable performance boost on the track.

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November 16, 2023

RadioMaster MT12 Radio

A brand well known in drone racing/FPV circles, RadioMaster has announced the upcoming release of its MT12 surface radio.  The RadioMaster MT12 is a pioneering open-source surface radio, and the first surface radio officially supported by EdgeTX, ExpressLRS, and the Multi-module project.  Boasting 10 physical inputs and the capability to handle either 16 or 32 channels*, the MT12 is primed for a wide array of surface models, from cars and trucks to boats and beyond.  Featuring extensive customisability and a versatile operating system, the MT12 stands out as a highly configurable surface radio, prepared to excel in virtually any scenario.

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November 13, 2023

2024 ISTC World Championship Stage 1 Report

The organisers of the 2024 IFMAR ITSC World Championship have published the Stage 1 Report for the 12th running of the title which will be decided at Finishline RC Raceway in Bakersfield, California.  With the dates for Electric Touring Car listed as ‘To be Confirmed’ on the provisional calendar issued by IFMAR back in August, the dates are now confirmed as November 5th to 10th.  Constructed in December 2022, Finishline RC Raceway is a joint-venture between Finishline Signs and Track Time Hobbies with the 40.2m x 18.2m asphalt track designed specifically to host 1:10 electric and nitro onroad racing.  Back to back reigning World Champion Bruno Coehlo will travel to Finishline RC Raceway next year with the chance to make it three in a row, a feat not yet achieved by any driver in the category.

View Stage Report here