August 21, 2022

Rheinard finally claims first ETS win with Awesomatix

Marc Rheinard has finally claimed his first ETS win with Awesomatix, a nice boost for both driver and manufacturer ahead of next month’s World Championships in Italy.  Having secured the TQ for the German round at Arena 33, the former World Champion was pushed hard in the opening A-Main on Saturday evening by 2nd place qualifier Yannic Prumper. Despite the Yokomo team driver setting the fastest lap, the only one to run in the 17-seconds, Rheinard stayed out front for the win.  A2 on Sunday morning saw Rheinard take a more convincing win to lock up the overall victory for Round 3 of the series and finally give Awesomatix only their second ever success in the ETS’ premiere Modified category.  With Rheinard able to sit out A3, Prumper won that encounter from Christopher Krapp to secure 2nd overall with his Yokomo team-mate, winner at ETS Austria, completing the Andernach podium line up.  Mugen’s Ronald Volker claimed fourth ahead of Awesomatix’ Lucas Urbain with Xray’s Marco Kaufmann rounding out the Top 6. Adding to the Awesomatix celebrations, Max Machler would also convert his TQ into victory in Pro Stock.

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August 18, 2022

Can Phend repeat National title double in San Diego?

National Championships don’t come much bigger than the ROAR 1:10 Dirt Off-Road National Championships and the titles are on the line this weekend.  With the US a powerhouse of offroad racing, some of the best drivers in the World are in San Diego at the indoor SDRC Raceway where Dakotah Phend will be aiming to defend his 2WD & 4WD Buggy titles.  The TLR driver did the double in style last year securing the TQ and victory in the first two A-Mains in both buggy classes.  In 2WD, Phend took the title from Xray’s Ty Tessmann while in 4WD the win came ahead of Team Associated’s reigning 2WD World Champion Spencer Rivkin and another World Champion (4WD), Yokomo’s Ryan Maifield.  With the 1:8 Offroad World Championships just over 2-weeks away and majority of this weekend”s title contenders making the trip to Spain, a newly won National title will be a nice confidence boost ahead of the long haul journey.

View SDRC Raceway track images here

August 17, 2022

Hudy hard case for Accessories/Air Vac 1:8 Offroad

Following on from their onroad starter box hard case release last week, Hudy has added to their case range with this smaller example to store and protect your accessories.  Measuring 215x90x85mm, the case is also ideally suited to house Hudy’s Air Vac ultra-compact electric-powered vacuum pump for 1/8 off-road shock absorbers.  High-quality materials ensure the durability and long life of this hard case. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper.

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August 16, 2022

PSM 8IGHT X/E 2.0 Shock Towers

German parts manufacturer PSM have released new carbon fibre shock towers for TLR’s recently released 8IGHT X/E 2.0. The German company’s R&D team has spent quite some track-time with the TLR latest 1:8 Offroad buggy since its release and during their tests they discovered that some adjustments could be made to further improve it’s performance. The result is these new front and rear shock towers, made from genuine PSM carbon fibre, which has been proven to be very durable and a great option to create more overall traction and steering capabilities. Due to the lightweight design and material, it will lower the centre of gravity of your vehicle. In addition to that, the refined suspension geometry results in stable and predictable vehicle handling combined with easier setup due to the removal of unnecessary linkage options.

View spec and rear tower here

August 15, 2022

Yokomo 1:12 GT Series Pan Car

Yokomo is about to release a new chassis for its extremely successful GT series that was conceived as starting point for bringing new people into RC racing.  The category has attracted many racers since its introduction in 2010 thanks to its simple 1:12 chassis.  It was created to give a racy impression while amplifying the fun of competing.  This month, Yokomo are set to introduce a new GT series kit that has an even simpler chassis configuration than before.  Set to sell at ‘a reasonable price’, this new GT1 kit is aimed at getting the beginner up & running and enjoying racing in the shortest time possible.  In their native Japan, Yokomo are planning to hold events at circuits nationwide in order to provide a place to enjoy driving. In addition to the races sponsored by each circuit, Yokomo Grand Prix races are also planned to be co-sponsored in various places, and Yokomo drivers will participate and staff will actively support them. The regulation proposed by Yokomo will ensure a speed range that is easy to control using a newly developed 30.5T motor.

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August 13, 2022

JConcepts big bore shock limiter & up-travel kit

JConcepts have released these clip on big bore shock limiters and up travel kits.  Up and down travel are huge adjustments, with one taking place outside the shock and another, inside the shock. JConcepts has refined lightweight injection molded spacers in multiple increments to make solid vehicle adjustments.  The down travel limiters are precision molded in 1, 2, 3, and 6mm lengths to achieve a wide range of options. The outside limiters, included in the same length, are clip based with a small opening so adjustments can be made on the fly to the outside. The kit is ideal for all 1/10th and 1/8th shock tuning using either 3.0 or 3.5mm shock shafts and is available in red, black, yellow and white.

View molded kit

August 12, 2022

Xray all new X1‘23 1:10 Formula Chassis

Xray have today unveiled the 2023 edition of their 1:10 EP Formula chassis the X1.  The all new X1’23 gets a new front suspension design featuring innovative CFF upper arms with improved flex characteristics and integrated camber adjustments. A new chassis accommodates the CFF front suspension, a redesigned battery backstop and revised wheelbase setting with reinforced chassis areas. A one-piece central front bulkhead integrates the steering arm mount and optimised wheelbase adjustments for simplicity. CFF front upper arms make the X1 extremely responsive & sharp, generate fantastic cornering speed & traction, and simplify the camber adjustment process for easy setup changes. The front upper arm mount allows for easier caster adjustments and top side installation for much easier assembly and maintenance. Also new is a redesigned centre top deck with easier mounting. The battery mounting system secures the pack without O-ring or tape in a tweak-free, floating manner that improves traction and consistency, and features new low profile lightweight bushings for a sleeker look and lower CG. The car features a redesigned independent wing mount system which is machined from harder carbon fibre material for more stable handling and features 2 centering pins for more secure assembly. New side braces are mounted using low profile bushings to eliminate M3 nuts.

View the X1’23 presentation here for complete details.

August 12, 2022

MXLR FlexBumper & CBRS

MXLR, the brand of top touring car driver Max Machler, has extended its product line with four new items. The MXLR FlexBumper is 3D printed with thermoplastic polyurethane for the optimal strength and flexibility and is offered in 3 variations to fit Aweomsatix’ A12, A800FX and A800MMX kits. The advantages over foam bumpers are FlexBumper absorbs hits better and doesn’t transfer them as much into the chassis structure. It is more robust and sturdy and it always goes back to original shape and don’t drag on the ground after a crash. The other new release from the German brand is its Carbon Body Reinforcement Set (CBRS) to help prevent your body shell from unwanted deformation and body tucks.

View more details and images here