August 22, 2017

RDRP B64 rear chassis weight

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced a new rear chassis balance weight for the Team Associated B64 1/10th 4WD buggy. It is the ideal tuning option for a range of track conditions as first and foremost it ensures a near perfect chassis balance when standard-size electronics and regular-weight batteries are used while also adding weight for improved rotation into corners and added traction in slippery track conditions. The weight comes machined from high-quality brass, it sports a nice black and golden finish for looks and it weighs in at 28g. Unlike RDRP’s other option parts it isn’t a direct fit as the left chassis side pod needs some DIY, although the work is carried out in under five minutes using a Dremel.

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August 22, 2017

Destiny RX-10S 4 degree aluminium C-hubs

Coming from Destiny and made for the RX-10S touring car are 4 degree aluminium C-hubs. Machined from high-quality material and coming black anodised and with silver edge details the hubs offer improved precision and rigidity which results in optimised on-track performance especially on high-grip surfaces and in high ambient temperatures.

Source: Destiny [destinyracing.jp]

August 22, 2017

Serpent Project 4X blade-less spool outdrives

Serpent have introduced blade-less spool outdrives for the Project 4X touring car. The parts are machined from super-strong spring steel and their design does away with the usual C-shaped driveshafts blades that can break when using high-power motors or when running on very high-grip surfaces. The outdrive cups are strategically machined for a low weight, they offer reduced play for improved efficiency and consistent cornering and they are also usable on the Eryx 411 line of cars.

Source: Serpent [serpent.com]

August 22, 2017

PR Racing SB401 rear aluminium uprights

Coming from PR Racing and made for the SB401 1/10th 4WD buggy are new vertical ballstud aluminium rear uprights. The parts offer a greatly revised geometry over the standard composite hubs with an additional camber link mounting position that uses a longer camber link for a less twitchy car and smoother rotation trough the corner. Also new is an additional – higher – hinge pin location that provides increased rear traction and better bump handling. The parts weigh in at 16g a pair which is only 1g heavier than the standard composite uprights.

Source: PR Racing [pr-rc.com]

August 22, 2017

Exotek B6 upper steering brace & Flite top shaft vUSA

Coming from Exotek are new option parts for the Team Associated B6 series of 2WD buggies. First up is the upper steering brace and sleeve set. The kit strengthens the steering assembly from bending at the mounting screws as well as provides support to keep the steering crank bearings from binding and breaking thanks to the included crush sleeve set. The brace is shaped to fit into the pocketed area of the upper plate and keeps the steering from bending or flexing at the bearing screws. At only 1.2g for all three parts the set hardly adds any weight to the front end of the vehicle.

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August 21, 2017

Samix SCX10 II brass knuckle set

Samix have introduced a brass knuckle set for the Axial SCX10 II trail truck. Machined from heavy brass material the steering knuckles weigh in at 46g each with the added weight improving climb performance while also lowering the centre of gravity. Included with the set come durable 5x13x4mm ball bearings, bearing reducer bushings for easy ball race removal and also fake brace discs for improved looks. The knuckles are usable with Axial or Samix suspension hubs and they come in sets of two.

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August 19, 2017

West Coast R/C Works Rapide P12 servo mounting plates

Coming from West Coast R/C Works are Black Carpet Edition series carbon fibre servo mounting plates for the Roche Rapide P12 1/12th scale pan car. The first in a line of dedicated option parts, that are specially aimed at racing on the new generation of high-grip carpets such as the CRC black carpet and the gray and ETS floors, the mounting plates are designed to replace the original part and the bolt pattern ensures that the servo is mounted correctly and reliable on the chassis. The servo mounting plates are made from 3mm carbon fibre, they work on both high and low-grip surfaces and are available with bold patterns to directly mount the Futaba S9650/S9670, Futaba BLS671SV/BLS671SVi and Sanwa SRG-HR/HS.

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