February 24, 2017

Capricorn C803 lower shock link plates

Capricorn have introduced new lower shock link plates for the C803 on-road kit. Machined from high-quality aluminium and coming clear anodised the parts help to maintain the given shock angle even when changing the lower A-arm width using the different suspension mount insert settings. With the new parts it is now even possible to use the longest 25mm setting.

An explaining image and manual update can be found here

February 24, 2017

Pro-Line X-Maxx Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell

Coming from Pro-Line and made for the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck is the pre-cut Ford F-150 Raptor bodyshell. Resembling the 2017 variant of the popular pick-up truck the body is a direct fit to Traxxas’ big gun monster truck and it comes clear, including window masks and decal sheet. On top of this the body will be delivered pre-cut, minimising preparation time.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

February 24, 2017

Pro-Line Pro-Forge 1.9″ alloy bead-loc wheels

Coming from Pro-Line are the new Pro-Forge 1.9″ aluminium bead-loc 6-lug wheels. CNC-machined in the USA the wheels are designed to not only look scale, but to perform in even the toughest conditions. They feature the industry standard 6 Lug hex mounting design and pair with Pro-Line’s new 6-lug 12mm standard offset hex adapters, which are sold separately. The overall wheel width of the Pro-Forge is 2mm wider than both the FaultLine and Denail 1.9″ wheels but maintains the standard wheel offset. Black die-cast bead-loc rings and hardware are included to hold 1.9″ crawling tyres onto the wheel. The rims are available in clear and bronze anodised finish.

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February 23, 2017

Factory RC YZ-4 CF shock towers & shorty battery brace

Coming from Factory RC and made for Yokomo’s YZ-4 4WD buggy are new carbon fibre shock towers and a shorty battery brace. Starting with the shock towers, available soon is a “flat” front tower as well as a rear item that offers additional shock mounting holes while also allowing to adjust the rear wing height. Both are cut from high-quality 4mm carbon fibre. Also new is a shorty LiPo brace for sideways mounted batteries and designed for the use with Factory RC’s delrin battery stoppers. All parts are available soon.

View the other new parts here

February 23, 2017

175RC.com shorty LiPo brass weights

175RC.com have introduced a range of under LiPo weights for shorty battery packs. Made from heavy brass material and coming in four different designs the weights allow not only to up the overall weight of the vehicle but also to simply adjust the weight distribution. Type A is a plain weight available as 18g or 36g variant while Type B, available as 12g and 23g versions, is very versatile. It can be run in 2WD buggies and flipping the plate forth and back allows to adjust the front to rear weight bias while in 4WD buggies it can be used to bring more weight to the inside or outside. The Type C weight, with outer cut outs, makes for a more centralised weight balance while Type D put more weight to the outer sections. The latter two are available as 12g or 23g versions.

View the Type B, C and D weight here

February 22, 2017

Serpent SDX4 0 degree C-hubs & HD front wing

Serpent have introduced new optional parts for the SDX4 1/10th 4WD buggy in the form of 0 degree C-hubs and a high downforce front wing. Starting with the suspension parts, the castor hubs are machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and they come with a silver finish and laser-etched markings for easy identification. The hubs add stiffness and durability to the front end while allowing to adjust the steering characteristics for specific track conditions. Also new is the high downforce front wing. Designed to be mounted behind the front shock tower the wing will add extra front end downforce when needed. The wing comes made from clear polycarbonate and it will also fit other the buggies of other brands.

View the front wing here