August 1, 2022

SMJ machine cut brass serrated wheel nut

SMJ have released these high-precision serrated flange wheel nuts which are machined from brass material.  Weighing in at approx. 1.4 grams each, using the brass nuts as a replacement for the standard aluminium wheel nuts on 1/10 scale touring cars can help achieve higher traction.  The machined serrations bite firmly into the wheel to securely hold it in place.

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July 29, 2022

Sinaracing 1/10th 235mm pancar front end have presented their new front end for the 1/10th 235mm pancar category. Available for all current market models, and mainly focused on completing the successful VIP VTE both in its first version and in the current v2, the set comes fully assembled and includes titanium turnbuckles & kingpins, Muddslide Motorsports spring kit and Carbon and brass inserts all around. The new front end aims for a better steering feel, making the car reacts faster and it brings more overall steering in any condition or track. They provide exceptional grip as well as stability in the front end, improving and evolving from the well-known front ends based on the Associated type system. The front end is also fully tuneable with adjustments to camber, dynamic caster, static caster, front droop, etc.

View more images of the front end here

July 28, 2022

Exotek F1Ultra Carpet Works chassis set

Exotek’s new Carpet Works chassis set for F1Ultra is designed for maximum performance on carpet tracks. The weight forward design enhances corner speeds by moving the servo forward and running the battery inline for more front tire bite. The modular chassis design allows you to position the battery for optimal weight placement depending on your tracks traction because not all tracks are the same. The stiff 1-piece carbon chassis is also lighter for more responsiveness while keeping the front section as carbon fibre that is proven to resist tweak and bending that alloy F1 chassis can experience on small indoor tracks. Exotek also now offer the F1Ultra race kit combined with the Carpet Works chassis set.

View more images of the conversion set here

July 26, 2022

Xray XB8 low suspension mounting LSM arms

New from Xray for the XB8 are these low suspension mounting LSM arms. Suitable for very rough & bumpy tracks, they help gain traction & stability and offer consistent handling in rough terrain. Available in a hard composite version for low traction conditions, there is also a graphite alternative for high traction conditions. Fits the XB8’17 onwards, XB8E’17 onwards, GTX.2 onwards and GTXE.2 onwards.

View the different options here

July 26, 2022

Associated RC8B4 FT carbon front shock tower

This new Team Associated FT carbon fibre front shock tower is ideal for reducing weight and lowering the overall CG of your RC8B4. Routed from durable 5mm woven carbon fibre, this shock tower is a great upgrade to increase performance of the RC8B4 platform.

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July 25, 2022

Reds Racing high quality 1/10 pinions

Reds Racing have announced their new line of 1/10 scale pinion gears. They utilised all of their engineers and product developers to design a ground up pinion that not only has the strength to outlast their competitors but also comes in at an ultralight weight and generates low friction. Reds Racing pinions are made of the best quality aluminium and a special coating treatment allows the teeth to last longer than any other pinion on the market, consequently high speed, strength and durability are the core base of this new project. These pinions are developed with both stock and mod racing in mind and are available in both 48P (18-31T) and 64P (24-52T).

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July 22, 2022

ARC R8.3 & R8.3E adjustable front & rear shock base

From ARC, the adjustable front and rear shock base are the latest option parts designed for the R8.3 and R8.3E. This allows the shock angle to be adjusted by adding or removing shims. Compared to traditional shock towers, racers can adjust the shock angle in much finer increments to better fine tune the handling of their car, the more shims below the shock absorber the harder the suspension. Both shock bases also feature a 3mm carbon brace that bridges the left and right sides of the shock base. This brace can be added or removed to adjust the flex of the front bulkhead. With the plate installed in the front there is an increase in initial corner speed, while when the rear version is installed there is an increase in rear end stability.

View more images of the shock base here

July 21, 2022

Pro-Line SCX6 FOX aluminum shock caps

Upgrade your SCX6 with Pro-Line’s first FOX branded accessory, new precision machined aluminium shock caps. These caps fit directly onto the stock SCX6 shock bodes for an instant upgrade in both the looks and durability of your SCX6. Sleek black anodising and the famous FOX tail logo etched on the sides will set off the look of your giant rig. Installing the shock caps is easy with the included machined Delrin shock bushings and steel washers. Also included are a pair of fresh bladders for your rebuild, brass bleeder washers and M3 bleeder screws.

View the shock cap set here