July 13, 2022

Yokomo YD-2 aluminium 3-piece rear hub carrier

Yokomo is pleased to announce the release of their new team aluminium 3-piece rear hub carrier for the YD-2. The universal shaft features a short axle shaft for narrow scrubs and the universal joint pin is positioned as far outward as possible to activate the suspension movement and enable more direct movement. Conventional universal shafts can also be used by adding spacers so you can feel the difference in movement by combining them. This rear hub carrier set also features selectable upper and lower arm mounting positions, and by making the upper side a separate part the length of the upper arm can be changed variably making it easier to control the change in ground contact surface when rolling. The lower arm can also be installed at 4 different heights, allowing for a wider range of roll centre settings and is an excellent match with the rear weight adjustment.

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July 13, 2022

Xray X4 PSS 2-hole 0.8mm pistons

New for the X4, Xray have introduced these new composite PSS 2-hole 0.8mm pistons. The configuration allows for a heavier shock oil that gives the car a more consistent handling. Sold in a set of 4, they also work with the T4 touring car.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 12, 2022

Xtreme Racing Optima Mid carbon options

Xtreme Racing have announced some new items for the Kyosho Optima Mid 2022 re release. These include a 2.5mm quasi carbon fibre chassis, a 2mm radio tray along with 3mm front shock tower, rear shock tower and rear camber mount. All parts are designed to replace the stock parts without any modification and add strength along with great looks. All parts are made from high quality US made carbon fibre and machined in USA also.

View the full decked out Optima Mid here

July 11, 2022

Xray XB2 alu steering arm for double sided plate

For the XB2, Xray have introduced this new alu steering arm for double sided plate. The new part allows for an adjustment range of 0~7mm in the frontward linkage position. The part is made from black coated Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium which offers your XB2, SCX and XT2 more precise steering.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 11, 2022

Factory Pro RC X4 MR conversion kit

New from Factory Pro RC, is their MR conversion kit for the Xray X4’22. The main aim of the conversion is to change the position of the motor, moving it 26mm to the rear. They claim that this helps give the car better traction and improved acceleration. The set includes the new 2.25mm thick carbon main chassis, 2mm carbon top deck, the new front and rear belts and the new rear inside battery guard plate also made from carbon.

Source: Factory Pro RC [facebook.com]

July 11, 2022

Sagami RC Fab AK12 battery stopper & rear brace

Sagami RC Fab has released two new hop-up parts for Team Bomber AK12. The first is a new battery stopper, the successor of BO-002 with enhanced functionality. It consists of an aluminium front stopper and a carbon rear stopper and gives the battery the option of 3 different positions. It can be used with both battery brace in the AK12 kit and the carbon battery brace made by SRF. The other new items is an aluminium rear brace. Machined from 7075-T6 and matte black anodised, compared to the carbon rear brace included in the kit the assembly accuracy and the rigidity of the entire motor pod are improved.

View the other options here

July 8, 2022

Associated DR10M FT suspension wheelie bar conversion

With a rigid wheelie bar, it is possible for the car’s rear tires to lose traction when the wheelie bar wheels abruptly hit the ground. With this DR10M FT suspension wheelie bar conversion from Team Associated, you’ll dampen this impact, allowing for greater traction and control at launch without sacrificing the main function of the wheelie bar. Quick and easy to install it features rigid, lightweight carbon fibre arms, a slop and friction-free ball bearing pivot with easy height adjustment and a threaded aluminium shock for fine tunability.

View more images of the conversion here

July 8, 2022

T-Works low profile titanium clutch screw

T-Works have introduced this Ti64 grade titanium low profile clutch screw. This lightweight but very strong clutch screw features an inner hexagonal hole of 2.5mm and an outer hexagon of 7mm allowing it to be used with either a hex wrench or hex socket driver.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]