April 11, 2012

Reflex RSD Dual Cardan joints for TC6

Dual Cardan joints allow for smoother power transfer in the front drive train of your Touring Car when the wheels are turning. Installing these in your car will allow for the car to drive smoother and have increased steering especially in tight corners. The RSD DCJs from Reflex Racing work with both the TC6 and the TC6.1 so long as you are using a 5x10x3 bearing in the TC6 and a 5x10x4 bearing in the TC6.1. You must also use a Hex Hub adapter with a larger axle hub opening like the ones for the HB TCX, Yokomo BD-5 or 3Racing Sakura line of vehicles. Each package includes 2 DCJ’s.

Source: Reflex Racing [reflexracing.net]

April 10, 2012

Associated TC6.1 vertical ballstud bearing caps

The new TC6.1 vertical ballstud bearing caps from Team Associated allow for finer adjustments of both the link angle and length, providing you more options to tune to your track conditions. The TC6.1 vertical ballstud bearing caps feature three positions total, all with a vertical ball stud orientation so that the ball height can be adjusted in finer increments. The shortest link position is the same length as the original, with the additional two link positions offering longer links. The new longer link positions will make the car more stable and feel more planted. The new TC6.1 vertical ballstud bearing caps come with an A-cap and B-cap, two sets are needed to convert one car, as well as the TC6.1 vertical ballstud shock towers.

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April 10, 2012

Jared Tebo continues clean sweep at Neo12

Kyosho factory driver Jared Tebo has taken his 4th Neo title from 4 starts with a dominant showing at the Indoor event at Harper Adams in the UK. Starting from pole position he was kept honest by Canadian Hot Bodies star Ty Tessmann, who despite being faster on track, couldn’t make up the extra fuel stop he had over Tebo. Tebo would eventually take the victory by some 18 seconds over Tessmann with Associated driver Ryan Maifield in 3rd, just in front of team mate Ryan Cavalieri. Full coverage on Neo Buggy here.

Source: Neo Buggy [neobuggy.net]

April 9, 2012

Rick V wins Dutch season opener

Last weekend saw the season opener of the Dutch 1/8 onroad nationals on the very bumpy REAL80 track in Groningen. With a big shift of drivers over the winter there was many new names again, giving an entry of 54 drivers. The weekend started very cold and wet but on the Sunday there was finally nice weather. With a drying track most drivers decided not to run the 1st qualifying session. At the start of the 2nd series the track still had some wet spots making it difficult to set fast times, so the last session was needed to set a time without errors.

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April 9, 2012

Azri Amri wins Malayisan Nationals Rd1

Its the new year and its the beginning of the Malaysian National Championship (MNC) held in a new venue in Ipoh at the Galaticos Arena RC Track. This being a new venue it attracted more than 30 racers in the Pro Stock class alone and almost 70 racers in all classes. 2012 is also the first year that GFT tires are used as a control tire to make the race more interesting while more economical for racers as GFT is a Malaysian brand name.

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April 8, 2012

Kota & Matsukura take FEMCA EP Offroad titles

Today was finals day at the Yatabe Arena in Japan for the FEMCA Championships to decide the 2wd and 4wd electric buggy champion. With bump ups being used the final starting order was to be decided and it was Naoto Matsukura who couldn’t participate in qualifying due to school commitments, that was on the move. He would bump his way up from last in each class to take his starting spot on the grid for both A-mains in 7th and 8th for 4wd and 2wd respectively. In 2wd pole man and Kyosho driver Akimoto Kota would take the win from Yokomo driver Kikuchi Kai in 2nd, with Naoto taking 3rd. Akimoto would repeat the win in the 2nd leg to warp up the title with Kai once again taking 2nd and Meen Vejrak finishing 3rd. The last leg would decide the final podium positions and it was Naoto who would come through to take the victory to claim the runner up spot bumping Kai to 3rd despite being even on points.

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April 8, 2012

ZZracing titanium screw sets

ZZracing have introduced a complete range of titanium screws in sets for some of the most popular cars. These high quality screws come in complete sets for the Xray T3’11 & 12, HB TCX, Yokomo BD5, R12, B-Max2 & B-Max4, Tamiya TRF 416, 417, 511, 201, 501X, 502X & 417X and Durango DEX210, DEX410 & DEX410R.

Source: ZZracing [zzracing.net]

April 7, 2012

FEMCA EP Offroad Champs – Day 2 update

Day 2 of the FEMCA champs is in the bag and in was the turn of the 4wd class to get some practice at the Yatabe Arena followed by 5 rounds of qualifying with 3 to count. A notable absentee is reigning Japanese National Champion and factory Yokomo driver Naoto Matsukura who is missing both qualifying days, having an important school exam this weekend, but will show up on Sunday and hope to bump up from the lower finals into the main. In today’s qualifying it was Thai Yokomo driver Meen Vejrak that sits on pole position with 3 round victories and will start ahead of 2wd top qualifier Akimoto Kota in 2nd driving for Kyosho, while Sugiura Yusuke completes the top 3 also driving for Kyosho. Kikuchi Kai (Yokomo), Maezumi Satoshi (Tamiya), whose wife just gave birth to their 2nd child overnight, and Kono Takayuki (Tamiya) complete the top 6 direct qualifiers. Tomorrow is finals day for both the 2wd and 4wd classes to determine the 2012 FEMCA champion.

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