February 3, 2007

Nuernberg Toy fair – Buggy Truggy Muggy round up

Mugen MBXT-R

Ok with almost everything at this years fair photographed from several different angles by many intrepid reporters on the ground and all the first day buzz is gone, its time to settle down and take stock. We already covered the engines at the fair and now its time to cover the many gas powered off roaders at the show. This is just to give you ano verview of what was at the show and I wont mention the HPI Lightning Pro 2 Evo, Piktor Rush 2, Crono RS7, Blade BX-1, Xray XB8-EC or XT8 as I have already gone into detail about them previously. The truggy you see above is the MBX5T and was being shown on the Mugen stand.

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Ansmann Buggy

Ansmann have released this buggy called the Virus, which isnt the nicest of names but somehow suits the green vibe going on with the buggy itself. This version appears to a be a RTR version and you notice the moulded plastic 2-piece exhaust pipe.

Associated RC8 Buggy

The buggy of the event was the Team Associateds RC8, which is the US companies first entry into this ultra competitive class. The car itself seems well thought out and solid, if not anything spectacularly different, and it uses some drivetrain and small parts from the EB4 buggy made by its parent company Thunder Tiger. Expect this buggy to be a winner on the track.

Associated GT2 1/10th buggy

Another car at the show from Team Associated was the companies 1/10th scale stadium truck, the RC10GT2. This car was released earlier this year and looks very nice and the results show it handles very well too. Something to note is the cars use of a quick release system on the wheels.

Bergonzoni R1 buggy

This is the R1 from Bergonzoni, which was previewed in October and we havent seen much more of it since. I also havent managed to find any pictures of this car from the show without its bodyshell so i cant comment on what its like.

CEN Matrix Truggy

The CEN Matrix truggy has been tearing up the tracks in the US since it came out on the scene last year and you can see why from the picture. Its a very tough looking car with its large metal center brace and rugged suspension parts and when you combine that with its great handling you’ve got a winner for sure.

GS Storm buggy

This is the Storm CL-1 from GS Racing, the one pictured above is the RTR version.

GS XUT Team truggy

This is the Team edition of the XUT truggy from GS Racing and features some sweet upgrades and hopups as standard, looks pretty strong too.

HoBao Hyper 8

The HaoBo Hyper 8 buggy as seen on the Graupner stand.

HoBao Hyper S truggy

The HaoBo Hyper ST truggy as seen on the Graupner stand.

HobbyTech buggy

This is another buy off the plans buggy, this time branded under the Hobbytech name and this particular one, called the STR8, would appear to be a RTR version and comes with a GO engine.

Kyosho MP777 buggy

The World Champion buggy as seen on the Kyosho stand, this is of course the MP777 buggy and is shown using the new RMV pre cut body and not very nice Medial Pro wheel nut protectors.

Team Losi 8ight buggy

This is the Losi 8ight, what more can you say, its the car that The Drake has been dominating with since it came out.

Team Losi Muggy

The Team Losi Muggy is a competition Monster Truck as based on the Losi LST2 and it also tears it up on the dirt.

Mantua Models buggy

Mantua Models truggy

This buggy above appears to be yet another OEM car, but this time for Mantua Models who are calling it the D4. Mantua Models also have a truggy but i cant see under the hood but i would guess it uses a similar base chassis.

Mugen MBX5R

The MBX5-R buggy from Mugen, which is the car that Kenjo Osaka used to win the Japanese Nationals some time back in November.

Nuova Faor buggy

Nuova Faor had this buggy on their stand along with a Rally game car based on the same chassis and it would appear to be the Hobbytech buggy above.

Protech Yada buggy

Protech Yada truggy

The Protech Yada buggy and Truggy, I cant get a close look so i cant comment but Protech havent got a competition heritage and so i would think these cars are not meant for racing but im sure great for tearing around the local park. Good to see them at the fair however considering their factory destroying fire last year.

Robitronics buggy

Robitronic truggy

Robitronic Protos buggy and Mantis truggy. Good looking cars especially the red anodising. Robitronic are trying hard to get away from their cheaper image with their new offerings including the Scalpel and the Avid electric cars.

Thunder Tiger buggy

The Thunder Tiger EB4 was at the fair and whilst the car isnt new, what is interesting is that it will be the transmission donor for the new Associated RC8 we showed you above.

Images: RC Junkies [rc-junkies.com] Radio Control [radiocontrol.gr]


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