April 21, 2007

Common Sense RC LiPo Rx and Tx packs

Common Sense RC LiPo Rx and Tx packs

Common Sense RC have introduced their new 1500mAh Li-Po receiver pack for nitro cars and their 2800mAh Li-Po pack for surface radios, both of which provide significantly longer run times than standard packs. While the receiver pack acts like a normal pack, but with a longer life, the transmitter pack features a built in voltage cut-off which protects the battery from over-discharge as well as an automatic charging cutoff to prevent the pack from being overcharged.

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The receiver pack (Part # 2S1500-4C) is a drop-in replacement for the old Ni-MH hump pack, and the CSRC pack’s larger capacity equals more time on the track. Another advantage this 7.4 volt, two-cell Li-Po provides is consistent voltage, which will keep performance at a high level even as the pack is drained. All batteries decrease in voltage as they are used, but when used in tandem with a voltage regulator, this pack will provide a constant six volts until it’s time to recharge. That means the torque provided by a car’s servos won’t decrease over time, and responsiveness of controls will be just as sharp late in a run.

The CSRC transmitter pack (# LP-TX2800) also provides a major advantage in run time at 2800mAh, it can last an entire weekend of racing without needing a charge. It also features a built in voltage cut-off, so even if a radio is left turned on for weeks, the battery will be safe from over-discharge. The TX-2800 provides even further protection with an automatic charging cutoff that prevents any of the cells in the pack from being overcharged. This 11.1 volt, three-cell Li-Po pack is a perfect fit for several types of Airtronics surface radios, including the M-11, M-3, and MX-A, and it provides more than double the capacity of most packs that fit these radios. This versatile pack also fits the Futaba 3PK-PCM, Magnum 2PL and many other models.

CSRC also offers inexpensive wall chargers to help simplify life for new Li-Po users. The chargers come in two-cell (# WC-2) and three-cell (# WC-3) models that are straightforward and easy to use, with a consistent one amp charge rate. These chargers also have an automatic charging cutoff and an LED indicator, so it’s simple to tell when a charge is complete.
The receiver and transmitter packs should not be used to power a motor as they are intended for use in applications that don’t draw much current.

1500mAh Receiver Pack – Part # 2S1500-4C Retail Price – $29.95
2800mAh Transmitter Pack Part # LP-TX2800 Retail Price – $59.95
Two-cell and Three-cell Wall Chargers Part’s WC-2 and WC-3 Retail Price – $13.95

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]


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