June 12, 2007

B-A Arnaldi wins Rd4 French 1/10th 200mm Nationals

B-A Arnaldi wins Rd4 French 1/10th 200mm Nationals

The 4th round of the French 1/10th 200mm Nationals was held on the weekend on the very nice Longvic racing facility run by the Mini Racing Car Longvicien club. Qualifying for the Elite class saw the pole position taken by Mugen racer Renaud Monin with, round 3 winner, B-A Arnaldi close behind in 2nd and Xray racer Basile Concialdi in 3rd. After the start of the final it is apparent that Serpent racer Chaussard is the only person running 6 minute pit stops and because of this he is able to keep with the lead battle of Arnaldi and Concialdi. Following the last stop Chaussard takes the lead but shortly after makes a small mistake which loses him the lead but still remains in the battle. Coming up to the end of the race and there is still everything to play for and so the top 3 continue to battle to the end, eventually all 3 cross the line together, 7 tenths of a seconds seperating the 3 after 30 minutes. Arnaldi took the win from Concialdi in 2nd and Chaussard in 3rd.

The National class was won by pole man, Kyosho racer, Joeffrey Defie by a lap from Frédéric Blanchard racing a Mugen, while 3rd place went to another Mugen, that of Aurélien Gouriau.

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Elite class results:
1. BA Arnaldi – 94L 30:00.24 [RRR/Picco]
2. Basile Concialdi – 94L 30:00.56 [XRAY NT1/JP]
3. Arnaud Chaussard – 94L 30:00.89 [SERPENT 720/RB]
4. Sébastien Wartelle – 93L 30:08.70 [RRR/Novarossi]
5. Michaël Derderian – 93L 30:14.43 [SERPENT 720/Mega]
6. Nicolas Bougnoteau – 93L 30:15.46 [XRAY NT1/RB]
7. Jacky Mouton – 93L 30:15.91 [SERPENT 720/RB]
8. Renaud Monin – 89L 30:11.33 [MTX4/Ninja]
9. Arnaud Soulignac – 78L 30:12.18 [SERPENT 720/JP]
10. Thomas Desmaries – 47L 18:55.17 [MTX3/Ninja]

Rd4 French 1/10th 200mm Nationals

National class results:
1. Joeffrey Defie – 92L 30:17.94 [RRR/Sirio]
2. Frédéric Blanchard – 91L 30:13.75 [MTX4/Picco]
3. Aurélien Gouriau – 90L 30:07.58 [MTX4/Ninja]
4. Romain Jaureguy – 90L 30:16.78 [RRR/Sirio]
5. Alexandre Basset – 89L 30:02.61 [SERPENT 720/RB]
6. Thomas Correard – 89L 30:12.74 [RRR/Sirio]
7. Jean-Baptiste Geneau – 86L 30:04.75 [RRR/JP]
8. Sarah Pierson – 85L 30:14.44 [XRAY NT1/RB]
9. Julien Colas – 84L 30:06.13 [SERPENT 720/Mega]
10. Thomas Guillon – 18L 07:31.76 [RRR/JP]

Source: MRC Longevic [mrclongvic.com] / RB Products [rbproducts.com]


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