October 10, 2007

Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

 Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

Closer in size to the 1/8 Inferno 777 than existing 1/10 GP buggies, the advanced chassis design of the Kyosho DBX and DST nitro off-road machines delivers real racing performance while still being easy to drive. The stable handling lets you power through the dirt even on 1/8 buggy racing circuits and takes on big jumps without missing a beat. With running power that pushes the boundaries of common sense for a 1/10 class machine, you can turn local open space into your own private racetrack. The deep stroke 4-wheel independent suspension and full-time 4WD drivetrain, powered by the 18-size engine, means nothing can stand in your way.

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 Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

Factory assembled
Virtually all of the assembly work is completed at the factory. Simply apply the decals to the factory-painted body, install some AA-size batteries in the chassis and radio control unit, fill the tank with your fuel of choice and pick up a good glow igniter and you’re ready to go.

Digital servos included
The DBX and DST include factory-installed digital servos. This means better and more accurate control without the need to buy expensive aftermarket servos to achieve better performance.

 Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

Extra-capacity 105cc fuel tank
Most 1/10-scale nitro cars and trucks have a 75cc fuel tank. The DBX and DST include an oversized 105cc tank, which is 40-percent more fuel. That means 40-percent more run time and 40 percent more fun!

Oversized, oil-filled shocks
The shocks included on the DBX and DST are the same size as those typically used on 1/8 buggies and trucks. Their large bores and threaded spring pre-load adjusters allow instant, precise ride-height adjustment and soak up the big bumps and jumps.

 Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

GXR18 engine
The biggest and most powerful engine ever used in a Kyosho 1/10 RTR vehicle is installed in the DBX and DST. The GXR18 engine features a Zero-Loss pull-starter so once the engine is started, all the power is getting to the ground – none of it is wasted spinning parts that are only used to start the engine. A two-needle carburetor allows precise but simple adjustments to produce maximum power in any weather conditions.

Three differentials
Using the same type of drive system and the World Champion Inferno, the DBX and DST feature three sealed gear differentials, which get power to the ground for more traction. Superior traction means superior performance, and with the DBX and DST, there are lots of both.

Double disc brakes
Most RTR cars and trucks leave you hanging with a single disc brake, which often fades and is almost useless as soon as it gets hot. The DBX/DST include two disc brakes for superior stopping power. The design of the brake discs and pads is similar to that of the Inferno 777, so optional 777 brakes and discs can turn the strong stock brakes into the best in the world. An innovative brake actuator allows brake bias adjustment in a matter of seconds so you can fine-tune braking performance.

Factory painted and trimmed body
Six vibrant colors are applied to the factory-trimmed body, which only requires the application of decals to complete. The buggy body even has a separate nose clip that is attached in front of the shock tower, which means you don’t have to wrestle the body through the shock tower during installation and removal.

Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

Fully adjustable suspension
The DBX/DST chassis features a full range of adjustments. You can choose to simply run them “as-is” out of the box with the factory settings, or racers can fine-tune all aspects of the chassis and suspension for increased performance under a specific set of conditions. Pivot ball hubs allow quick width, camber and toe angle adjustments without the need for any extra or optional parts. It can be as simple or high-tech as you choose.

Standard size wheels and rugged 6mm axles
The wheels feature a standard bead design that is common with most popular tires for 1/10 stadium trucks, so there are dozens of choices when it comes to replacement tires. The stock tires feature a blunt spike design that’s well suited to most off-road terrain. Foam inserts are inside the factory-mounted tires to keep the shape of the tires even under extreme conditions. The wheels are secured to beefy 6mm axles with big 10mm aluminum wheel nuts.

Interchangeable, symmetrical suspension and chassis components
The suspension arms (upper and lower), driveshafts, wheel hubs, axles, bulkheads, shock towers and differentials are completely interchangeable, which means you and your local hobby shop will be able to stock far fewer replacement parts and still perform any repair.

 Kyosho DBX Buggy and DST Truck

Protective radio box
The sensitive electronics in the receiver are well protected with the dual-compartment radio box that’s standard on the DBX/DST. The receiver and battery pack are stored within their respective compartments to shield them from the elements, so there’s far less concern about exposing the electronics to the elements.

Optional QRC reversing unit
People who still enjoy the convenience of having reverse can simply install the optional Kyosho QRC reversing unit.

Category: 1/10 4WD Nitro Off-Road Buggy and Truck
Overall Length: 17.72 in. (450mm)
Width: 13 in. (330mm)
Height: 5.91 in. (150mm)
Wheelbase: 11.77 in. (299mm)
Track Width (F/R): 10.79 in. (274mm)
Tire: 110×56mm
Final Drive Ratio 10.9:1
Drivetrain: Shaft drive with three gear differentials
Brakes: Double disc
Shocks: Oversized molded oil shocks w/threaded pre-load adjusters
Bearings: Metal shielded
Suspension: Pivot ball double A-arm
Driveshafts: Steel dogbone
Weight: Approximately 2,200g (with body)
Engine: GXR18 with recoil starter

Available: DBX – December 2007, DST January 2008

Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]


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