October 6, 2007

Novak Velociti Light BL Motor Series

Novak Velociti Light BL Motor Series

Novak have announced that they are doubling its Velociti motor series to complement all types of driving style. Novak’s new Velociti Light Brushless Motor series offers a different feel to Velociti by providing slower acceleration and softer braking power. The Light motors excel in challenging off-road and paved tracks, and offer exquisite control and there are now five motors now included in the Light series: a 3.5L, 4.5L, 5.5L, 6.5L, 7.5L.

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The Velociti Light series is very similar to the original Velociti series but is considered “light” because the wire used to wind the motor is a smaller gauge. Though this may seem like a small change, the ramifications are exciting. The smaller gauge allows for the same top speed, but with slower acceleration and softer braking power. It also makes the motors lighter**–17 grams lighter than the Velociti Series to be exact. Because of these motor characteristics, the Velociti Light brushless motors excel in slippery and tight track conditions, and are ideal for off-road and specific on-road applications.

In addition to some new features, the Velociti Light Brushless Motors have also undergone a modification. The new Velociti Light motors have a blue, anodized sleeve around the motor instead of the Velociti motors’ traditional purple. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the sleeves also help differentiate between the Velociti motors.

Nickel Plated for a Silver Lining
Just like the original Velociti motors, the Velociti Light motors are also equipped with the exclusively designed Nickel-plated Sintered Neodymium rotor. This high-performance rotor provides many of the same benefits, including increased magnetic strength, stronger motor braking power and maximum performance in higher temperature conditions. The 13MM Sintered Tuning Rotor is also compatible with the Velociti Light motors and can be purchased separately as an accessory item (#5909).

High Velociti Standards
While the Velociti Light Series has qualities similar to the original Velociti Series, the differences, are noticeable behind the wheel. Like all Velociti motors, the Velociti Light motors are compatible with all models of the Novak’s GTB Racing Programmable Brushless/Brush ESC (#1710, #1711, #1714, and #1715). It has the same dimensions as all of the other Velociti motors, and sports the same lightweight aluminum ribbed end bells and flexible solder tab system.

The Velociti Light Brushless motors come equipped with all of the great standard Novak quality features you’ve come to expect, including an oversized front bearing for increased load handling and longer bearing life. All Novak Velociti motors are specifically designed for R/C vehicles, are sensor-based for excellent braking and low-speed driveability, and have no cogging, and provide longer run-times than brushed motors. The motors also come equipped with thermal overload protection (when used with a Novak brushless ESC) and a virtually maintenance-free design.

This Velociti Light Series offers drivers a wide range of optional power delivery choices, and all five of the Velociti Light Brushless Motors will be available at the end of October 2007.

BL motor recommendations:
– Velociti Light 3.5L Racing Brushless Motor is 3.5 turns, and is ideal for top-level touring car racing on tight race tracks. Also ideal for Carpet Racing or open track 1/12th scale racing. (#3303)
– Velociti Light 4.5L Racing Brushless Motor is 4.5 turns, and is ideal for competition level 4WD racing, 1/12th scale racing, or 5-cell 4WD off-road applications. (#3304)
– Velociti Light 5.5L Racing Brushless Motor is 5.5 turns, and is ideal for Truck and 4WD racing, and 1/12th scale “Club” Racing. (#3305)
– Velociti Light 6.5L Racing Brushless Motor is 6.5 turns, and is ideal for Truck and 2WD Buggy racing and very tight 1/12th scale tracks. (#3306)
– Velociti Light 7.5L Racing Brushless Motor is 7.5 turns, and is ideal for loose or slippery track conditions when running 2WD. (#3307)

Source:  Novak [teamnovak.com]


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