June 28, 2009

F1 RCGP Round 6 report

F1 RCGP Round 6 report

The 6th Round of the F1RCGP Championship was held recently at Crest Speed Way. This indoor carpet track allows drivers to concentrate on setting up the car without worrying about the weather conditions. The layout of the track had been changed a week ago and this was maybe part of the reason that most of the drivers were suffering from inadequate traction. For the GP Class, Team TRG was a new comer for this round bringing their brand new TRG 109 driven by works driver Atsushi Takeshita, while Team Futable F-1 Racing had switched to the Tech F125BR driven by the new partnership of Takatoshi Morita and David Tse.

F1 GP Class
In the GP class, the first qualifier saw Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) set the first 21L 4:06.301 but was just beaten by Championship leader Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing) within 0.061secs. In the 2nd round Hideki Tamura (Team Tech F-1) set the pace with 21L 4:05.739 following by Hiroshi Kamibayashi 21L4:05.867 and new Futable F-1 Racing driver David Tse with 21L 4:08.308. The final qualifier had Tsutomu Hashimoto (Zen) on the TQ pace but a mistake at the first corner saw him with a broken front wing and so the order remained unchanged at the front.

F1 GP Class final
Pole sitter Hideki Tamura (Team Tech F-1) hit the first corner first followed by Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing), Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) and David Tse (Futable F-1 Racing). This formation only lasted for a few seconds as unlucky Hiroshi Kamibayashi, who is fighting for a hat-trick of wins, half spun as Takatoshi Morita tried to pass him in the in field and as a consequence had to retire with a broken rear wing. David Tse took 2nd place but was passed by team mate Takatoshi Morita and Morita then started to put pressure on the race leader Hideki Tamura and eventually passed him in the middle of the race when Hideki Tamura overshoot the 2nd corner. David Tse also passed Hideki Tamura at the 2nd corner with a minute remaining to claim 2nd. Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) won the race from team mate David Tse in 2nd followed by pole sitter Hideki Tamura (Team Tech F-1), while Tsutomu Hashimoto (Zen) passed Shinya Arizuka (Team Tech F-1) to take 4th position.

Futable F-1 Racing became the first team to achieve a 1-2 finish. Superb performance from both drivers adding 18 points to Futable F-1 Racing to top the Constructor’s series.

In this round Tech F125BR brilliant performance dominated the podium and qualified 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

F1 GP Class Final Result:
1. Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) – Tech F125BR
2. David Tse (Futable F-1 Racing) – Tech F125BR
3. Hideki Tamura(Futable F-1 Racing) – Tech F125BR

F1 Class
Fukushima took a superb 19L 4:03:394 to put himself on pole position followed by Kato with a 19L 4:10:490 and Koizumi who mananged a 19L4:11:590.

F1 RCGP Round 6 report

F1 Class Final
Pole sitter Fukushima Tokuo got a perfect start followed by Koizumi Sakae starting from 3rd. Race leader Tokuo extended the lead to almost 5 seconds and Kato Shin, who started in 3rd, started to put pressure on Koizumi Sakae but was not enough to pass him. Koizumi Sakae did eventually get his head down and got really close to the tail of race leader Fukushima Tokuo but some small mistakes cost him the chance to win the race.

F1 Class Final Result:
1. Fukushima Tokuo Tamiya F103
2. Koizumi Sakae Tamiya F103
3. Kato Shin Tamiya F103

F1 RCGP Round 6 report

F1 RCGP Round 6 report

Source: F1 RCGP [www2.odn.ne.jp]


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