August 31, 2009

F1 RCGP Round 7 report

F1 RCGP Round 7 report

Round 7 of the F1 RCGP was held at the famous Tamiya Circuit last month. The Tamiya circuit is located just in front of the Tamiya Headquarters at Shizuoka and was opened in 1978. No drivers were able to make a run on the practice day due to heavy rain but the weather recovered on the race day.

F1 GP Class
TRG new driver Hasegawa Atsushi set a fast 18L 4:05.490 to lead the 1st qualify followed by Takatoshi Morita (Futable F-1 Racing) with a 18L 4:05.910. In the 2nd round, Championship leader Kamibayashi Hiroshi (Alex Racing) picked up some pace with his Zen Tamiya F103 setting a 18L 4:02.160 to take the lead followed by Takatoshi Morita, Hasegawa Atsushi and David Tse (Futable F-1 Racing). In the last Round Takatoshi Morita changed the set-ups for his Tech F125 and was able to put in the only 19L 4:12.570 to take the pole position followed by Hasegawa Atsushi 18L 4:00.770, Kamibayashi Hiroshi 18L 4:02.160 and David Tse 18L 4:03.740.

F1 GP Final
Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing) starting from 3rd entered the first corner first followed by Hasegawa Atsushi (TRG), pole sitter Takatoshi Morita and David Tse (Futable F-1 Racing). In the middle of the race Takatoshi Morita benefited from the clash between Hasegawa Atsushi and Kamibayashi Hiroshi to take the lead while team mate Daivd Tse jumped up to 2nd. This formation didn’t last long as Kamibayashi Hiroshi clipped the rear of David Tse when he was trying to pass him and Nakao Noriaki (Loan House), who started from 8th, took the 2nd place but was passed by Hasegawa Atsushi and Kamibayashi Hiroshi in the last minute of the race. Takatoshi Morita maintained the lead to earn Futable F-1 Racing 10 points and another 6 points from team mate David Tse who finished 4th to top the Construction Championship table.

F1 GP Class Final Result:
1st Morita Takatoshi (Futable F-1 Racing) – Tech F125
2nd Hasegawa Atsushi (TRG) – TRG
3rd Kamibayashi Hiroshi (Alex Racing) – Tamiya F103 Zen

F1 Class
Yamazaki Kyoukei set the first 18L 4:13.820 to lead the first qualifier followed by Sugiyama Hideaki and Akahori Masato. In the 2nd round Yamazaki Kyoukei improved his lap time by 0.5 sec and was still the only driver to run an 18 lapper. Shouji Tadashi was on an 18 lap pace but was not lucky enough to avoid the clash from the lapped group. In the last round Yamazaki Kyoukei put in another 18 Lap to secure the pole position followed by Shouji Tadashi 17L 4:00.160, Sakurai Yuta 17 L4:02.490 and Tozaki Hiroshi 17 L4:02.830.

F1 RCGP Round 7 report

F1 Class Final
Pole sitter Yamazaki Kyoukei made a perfect start to lead the race followed by Sakurai Yuta, Kubota Akihiro and Akahori Masato. Yamazaki Kyoukei built up a comfortable lead and Kalahari started to put pressure on Kubota Akihiro in second place. In the middle of the race Kubota Akihiro made a mistake letting Akahori Masato through to take the 2nd place and Akahori Masato started pushing to catch the leader but apparently Yamazaki Kyoukei started to control his pace to avoid overheating his motor. Yamazaki Kyoukei converted his pole to the win with Akahori Masato pushing really hard to claim 2nd and Kubota Akihiro finished 3rd.

F1 Class Final Result
1st Yamazaki Kyoukei – Tamiya F103
2nd Akahori Masato – Tamiya F103
3rd: Kubota Akihiro – Tamiya F103

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