December 29, 2009

Aussies rule VRC 1:8 World Championships

Aussies rule VRC 1:8 World Championships

In the end he made the (almost) perfect run to win the 2009 VRC World Championship title in 1:8: Matt Kellett. The win for the young Australian driver was backed up by another Aussie Chris Stack. The 2 Italian front runners Mingotti and Parisi both had problems with the AI and with some of their pitstops, loosing them valuable time against Kellett. Kiwi Daniel Burrows just missed 3rd by some 11 seconds to make it a full podium for the racers from down under.

Several racers reported computer glitches and pitlane trouble during their final runs. This may have affected the results somewhat but that’s racing. Giorgio Mingotti was on a very fast pace and was leading the final until lap 93 where he lost the race to Kellett. 2009 World Series champ Antonello Parisi was hit hard in lap 53. Later a long pitstop in lap 89 (not sure if he changed tires…) ended his quest for the title. Kellett was on an incredible fast pace the second half of the final, and except Mingotti, nobody was able to stay with him. It could have been very close with Mingotti if….

Babchencko from the Ukraine and Farics from Austria were just seconds away from Burrows for 4th. Brad Partelli underlined the ‘home advantage’ for the Aussies at Sydney with making the top-10 at P8. Brunke was the only German to make the top-10 at P9. Kopertowski from Poland was another big surprise to finish in P10.

Top-3 Race Stats
Racer: Matt Kellett (AU)
Date: December 27, 2009
Time: 16:21:46
Result: 161 laps 45:10.237
Car: Serpent 960
Controller: VRC-2 USB Adapter
fastest lap: 0:16.072 88
slowest lap: 0:21.276 30
ave. laptime: 0:16.635
fastest pitstop: 0:20.120
slowest pitstop: 0:20.972
race ave. laptime: 0:16.832

Racer: Chris Stack (AU)
Date: December 26, 2009
Time: 09:25:18
Result: 160 laps 45:12.255
Car: Serpent 960
Controller: VRC-2 USB Adapter
fastest lap: 0:16.340 52
slowest lap: 0:21.220 112
ave. laptime: 0:16.715
fastest pitstop: 0:20.976
slowest pitstop: 0:21.924
race ave. laptime: 0:16.951

Racer: Giorgio Mingotti (IT)
Date: December 25, 2009
Time: 22:26:16
Result: 160 laps 45:14.422
Car: Shepherd Speed
Controller: Standard Joystick
fastest lap: 0:16.192 119
slowest lap: 0:33.572 92
ave. laptime: 0:16.655
fastest pitstop: 0:21.344
slowest pitstop: 0:31.256 93
race ave. laptime: 0:16.965

Check out the top-10 race diagram here.

Top-10 Final Results
1. Matt Kellett (AU) 161 Laps 45:10.237 (1/2)
2. Chris Stack (AU) 160 Laps 45:12.255 (2/2)
3. Giorgio Mingotti (IT) 160 Laps 45:14.422 (2/2)
4. Daniel Burrows (NZ) 159 Laps 45:09.176 (2/2)
5. Alexey Babchencko (UA) 159 Laps 45:10.611 (2/2)
6. Gerald Farics (AT) 159 Laps 45:13.686 (2/2)
7. Antonello Parisi (IT) 158 Laps 45:03.579 (2/2)
8. Brad Portelli (AU) 158 Laps 45:07.696 (2/2)
9. Volker Brunke (DE) 158 Laps 45:14.938 (2/2)
10. Grzegorz Kopertowski (PL) 157 Laps 45:03.425 (2/2)

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