February 28, 2010

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 1 report

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 1 report

The new F1 RCGP season kicked off last month at RC Stadium Seiki in Nara. This high traction indoor circuit allows drivers to concentrate on set-ups and driving without being affected by the cold weather. This year there will be 10 rounds just like last year with the last round held in Hong Kong. Regulations for this season has also been changed, allowing drivers to use LiFe battery for both classes and 17.5T brushless motor for F1 GP class to reduce running cost and maintenance time.

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 1 report

F1 GP Class:
2009 Champion Kamibayashi Hiroshi (Alex Racing Winners) lead the first round of qualifying with his brand new Fusion conversion kit for the Tamiya, runnign a time of 18L4’04.270, followed by Tamura Hideki(Team Tech F-1) with an updated Tech F125 Competition kit 5 seconds back, while Hashimoto Tsutomu (Zen) with a brand new F104 Zen conversion kit took 3rd.

In the 2nd round Kamibayashi Hiroshi (Alex Racing Winners) set the first 19 lap run in 4:09.660 to extend his lead followed by Tamura Hideki (Team Tech F-1) with a 18L4:06.210 and Yokoi Akihiro (Alex Racing Winners) completing a 18L4:07.470.

In the last round Kamibayashi Hiroshi (Alex Racing Winners) maintained his superb form to run another 19L4:10.870 to wrap up his pole position followed by in form Hashimoto Tsutomu (Zen) doing a 18L4:04.630 and Tamura Hideki (Team Tech F-1) with a 18L4:04.710.

In the F1GP final Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) started from pole and was first into the first corner followed by Hashimoto Tsutomu (Zen) and Tamura Hideki (Team Tech F-1). This formation remained the same until Hashimoto Tsutomu (Zen) made s mistake in the second corner, which allowed Tamura Hideki into 2nd position and who then started to put pressure on race leader Hiroshi Kamibayashi. However a mistake in the second corner cost Tamura Hideki one position, dropping down to 3rd, with Kawasome Syougo (Team Creamy) elevated to 2nd position.

This formation remained until the end with Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) winning the first race of the season, with Kawasome Syougo (Team Creamy) 2nd and Tamura Hideki (Team Tech F-1) 3rd.

F1 GP Class Final Result:
1. Hiroshi Kamibayashi (Alex Racing Winners) Tamiya Fusion Conversion
2. Kawasome Syougo (Team Creamy)
3. Tamura Hideki(Team Tech F-1) Tech F125 Competition Kit

F1 Class:
In qualifying Sawamoto Atsuhiro set the pace with a 17L4:05.890 in the 1st qualifier. In the 2nd run young driver Tomita Kouhei almost set the first 18L with a 17L4:00.220 but this was still enough to put him on pole followed by Sawamoto Atshiro and Ikenishi Takehiko.

F1 RCGP 2010 Round 1 report

In the final, pole sitter Tomita Kouhei made a good start followed by Sawamoto Atsuhiro starting from 2nd and Ozaki. Race leader Tomita extended the lead with Sawamoto Atshiro spinning out in the 2nd corner and dropping to 5th position. This formation lasted until the end and Tomita won the race with Sawamoto Atsuhiro fighting back to 2nd and Oazaki Jiro 3rd.

F1 Class Final Result
1. Tomita Kouhei (Tamiya)
2. Sawamoto Atsuhiro (Tamiya Square)
3. Ozaki Jiro (Tamiya)

Source: F1 RCGP [www2.odn.ne.jp]


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