February 3, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – Team Orion

Orion Carbon Pro 90C

Team Orion have a huge selection of new products on their stand with the standout product being the new line of 90C LiPo batteries. The Carbon Pro series comes in all the usual formats, 1S, Saddle, Stick, 1/8th version, and is able to achieve this new C rating through the use of a new separator in the cell that allows higher current. While they admit that the wires cant handle the full output of the battery, it does give a lot more torque to your motor.

Team Orion Vortex R10 Pro

Orion also have their new line of racing speed controllers, the Vortext R10 Pro. Machined out of an aluminium block the new casing helps dissipate heat from the ESC yet remains very small and light. A neat feature of this speedo is that it sports two optional sensor cable outputs, one at the standard top position and one out the cable side of the unit allowing you to find the optimum wiring setup. The ESC can also be programmed through the motor sensor cable. Available in two versions, the first can handle 1S to 2S, while the second works with 2S to 3S batteries.

Team Orion Vortex VST Pro

Keeping on the competition line, the completely new Vortex VST Pro Race and Stock motors sport multiple machined cooling slots, a one piece case that does away with the need to have long screws running the length of the can and adjustable timing. Available in the usual most popular winds. Other new motors include the MR8 and MR8L, a sensored brushless motor for 1/8th scale racing. The MR8 is for sanctioned racing, while the longer MR8L is more powerful but is for bashers and club racers. To work with these new motors and other similar ones, there is the Vortex R8 ESC which can handle 2-4S packs.

Orion Rocket Sport 25C pack

Other new batteries include the Rocket Sport LiPo and the LiPo Sport for Traxxas vehicles that have been made using cells that can handle many more charging cycles than normal, perfect for the basher or casual racer. The Rocket Pack 2 is a range of 1800mAh to 5100mAh NiMh packs that come supplied with the handy Venom plug system that enables you to power basically any major brand of car. To charge those packs there is the new update line of Advantage chargers, which sport a new grey case and software inside to allow you to change the LiPo cutoff voltage. Supplied with an adapter that allows to charge 2 packs at a time.

Orion Limited edition CRF engine from Cody King

On the engine side Orion are showing their World Championship winning CRF motors and especially the Limited Edition ones that come in the Cody King and Jared Tebo versions. Differing in only the head shape and artwork both engines are the same spec used to Win and TQ the Worlds. The internals are all new compared to the previous version with new timing on the crankshaft and more and the crankcase itself comes in the same un anodised aluminium that as on those race winning pre production versions. This new aluminium material is stiffer and therefore offers higher rpm. The same engine is available in the non limited edition package but differs in that it has the black anodised crankcase. Team Orion also have their updated 7 port .21 onroad engine that comes with a new aluminium carburetor.


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